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Disclaimer: No limitted slip were differentialed during the making of this game.

Thank you ^^

I'll make a real menu, in the post jam update, with an option for the sensibility and inverted control ^^ 

I thought the room was haunted x) right before I saw a rat hulk out a box at the other side of the room xD Lots of fun ^^

I'm not sure the mistakes counter is really adding anything. Plus, I got the "you cleaned everything" ending when the rats finished trashing the place x)

A really fun game ^^ It took me a while to figure out how to assemble the pearls x) But the game gives a lot of leeway x) I loved to push the gems all around the place x) 

I think adding more weight to the gems would improve the game though. They all feel kinda floaty.

It's fun and beautiful ^^ 

I would up the probability of getting a new gun though. In my two runs i only got one spawn and it was the exact same weapon I already had. 

It made me chuckle ^^ There's a few points you can improve:

-The hitbox of the enemies needs to be smaller than its visual appearance suggest. Otherwise, every hit feels unfair for the player.

-The visual of the hammer need to show more accurately where you hit, especially for up and down 

-The music is good, but hearing it restart every time you die is annoying.  

Nice Game :D I was surprised to perform as well as I did x) I have an infamous sens of orientation ^^

The stop time hitbox is to small though. I struggled to get it each time I found it. 

Thank you ^^

Thank you :D 

Funny thing about audio, the first thing I did for the jam was a music x) I ended up not using it because I wanted to test out, creating an evolutive music with the trees and the will-o-wisps. I didn't had time to refine it though ^^' 

I have no skill in 3d modelling x) So, every 3d assets is made only with the basic shapes given by unity x)

Thank you ^^

Thanks :D

Sorry for the camera ^^' It's my first third person game ^^'

It's an original idea but I struggled to understand what to enter for the arms and legs. I ended up figuring it out but I think it's sits in between two games. In one you should put the symbols to enter on the order directly and make it fast paced. Or, you could make it way more tricky to understand what to type with no timer but only a few tries. That's my thoughts on your game ^^ I enjoyed the art also ^^ especially the body parts x)

Description: This is an exploration game where you try to find the missing colors and unleash them on the world.

Engine: Unity 7 nights


When I set up my loops to make tomato and onions, there was no way for me to control if it was a wrong order or not. One way you could fix that is to make some order permanent. Like, onion soup always accepted and then you have to fight your way through the kitchen to get the other stuff done.

The camera feels good on my end but it's mainly because my mouse is on very low sensitivity. I tried to tweek it for others but I guess it wasn't enough ^^'

A fun twist on Overcooked ^^ I like the idea but I think the order system should be readapted to this mecanic ^^  

Fun idea ^^ A bit hard to make precise jump but I'm not used to 2D platformer ^^ The jump felt good ^^

Nice stuff ^^ The gun has a great feel, the Hud on the gun is a very good idea and it's really fun to shoot enemys ^^

I have a few issues though:

The player can get through the floor if it tries to go under the ramp.

It's unclear when an ennemy see you. I think a sound would fix that.

The turret line of sight isn't clearly defined. i would add a visual line from the turret to the player.

The hand grenade isn't really usefull. I just shot stuff from afar.

Overall I had fun ^^ Keep up the good work ^^

I really loved that game :D At first I was skeptical but then i realised that every encounter was a placement puzzle to solve ^^ 

However, some enemys stuck each other sometimes. I think they try to get to the same position and end up not moving.

The game design and the overall look of the game is amazing :D I especially liked the death ragdoll + sound combo x)

The controls are a bit clunky though. The sensitivity on the camera is too high, it's hard to control where you want to look at. The jump is very floaty. A good way of fixing that is too increase the gravity just after the apex of the jump. you ^^

Thank you ^^ It took a lot of time to make the physics do what I wanted sorry ^^' 

Interesting take, Ted's mental breakdown made me laugh x) I think there's a few problem though:

It's weird to have to move the characters one at the time when they are treated as close. You should add some way for the characters to follow each other at least on straight lines. 

The ennemies seem to spawn only when Ted (or Rosie and Ted) are close enough. It doesn't really feel great to scoot with Rosie for nothing.

There's a visual bug where if you hold an arrow key while switching character, both characters will trigger their moving animation when moving.