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You can also check out our entry: https://itch.io/jam/game-off-2017/rate/196467

Thanks for the feedback!

We are planning to add more features to it and possibly bring the multiplayer too. We didn't had enough time to implement all the things that we wanted and saving game is one of them. 

And also rated your game too!

This looks good, I also was alone in the server, so I opened up another tab and played against myself! :D

Ha, this looks weird so I must try it!

That's how far the game actually goes for now.

Well done! Really enjoyed playing this!

Glad you liked it! We were suprised too how much we were able to do in only 1 month. We're planning to continue working on it and we already have pretty good ideas how to improve it and what things to add.

Fun game! But at some point I felt right trough the ground.

Here's our entry: https://miegamicis.itch.io/wild-dimension

Oh, the only OS that I don't have access to. I could probably ask someone with Mac OS to compile the game and provide me with the compiled executable. 

Which OS did you used? Before submitting tested on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04, both are 64x builds. 

Dear @buggyit, 

We started to make this game on 4th of November and worked really hard on it. It's  sad that you think we lied :(

If you want to make sure it's our creation, please check the commit history.  (https://github.com/ArnisLielturks/Urho3D/commits/master)
First of official commits related to this contest can be found here: https://github.com/ArnisLielturks/Urho3D/commit/b42c06d4faee31dc718ffa6f0f956c99225515b4 

Yes, we did make a new fork to create our game, but we tought that the main idea of this jam was to create open source games. We wanted to save the original reference to the game engine we used - Urho3D.  

Sorry for misunderstanding.

To build our game you have to simply follow Urho3D engine build steps.


1. Open command line
2. Open Urho3D directory - our https://github.com/ArnisLielturks/Urho3D fork directory
3. run "cmake_vs2015.bat build" command
4.  Open Urho3D directory subfolder "build" and open WildDimension.sln in VS2015
5. Go to bin directory and run WildDimension.exe file, make sure that the Data and CoreData directories are beside the WildDimension.exe


1. Open command line
2. Open Urho3D directory - our https://github.com/ArnisLielturks/Urho3D fork directory
3. Run "./cmake_generic.sh build" 
4. Go to build directory and run "make"
5. Go to bin directory and launch WildDimension binary file, game should start

I was wondering about the same thing. I hope they decided to just hide them until the 1st of december