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I hadn't really given real thought to this, but let's just go with yes that's fine

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Hi! You're welcome to use it for whatever you like, just credit me if you could. Oh, and let me know, I'd love to see what you use this for!

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It's honestly so much fun, but it's so buggy and annoying. Some examples:

  • By the end, you have to get little bits of dirt you can't even see except when the tab function highlights them.
  • Often, some dirt is unreacchable. EIther behind the house, under barriers, on two colliding surfaces so I can't clean it, ect,
  • I fell behind the map trying to get some dirt that was behind the garage and couldn't get out. It completely ruined the game for me.

If those are addressed, this game can/will be SO much fun. I can't wait to see it!

Thank you! I've gotten pretty busy with other projects but I'll try and add some new stuff soon!

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This works perfectly, thanks! Lightweight, starts up quickly, no convoluted options. It just does what it should!

All I have to request is the ability to deselect "tiles" or areas before exporting

This seems like a great tool, would it be possible to add a function to name tiles before exporting? Possibly just by position?

Example: I could go down a list like 1 = grass.png, 2 = dirt.png, 3 = leaves.png, ect.

Alright, I've added a water drip, acid puddle, and fireball but it's getting late. I'll tighten up those in the morning and likely add some more stuff too so check back soon!

Sure, all great ideas! I'll reply to you when it's updated

I'm totally open to doing so, any suggestions?

I enjoyed that, I like your aesthetic and general feel. The "FPS mechanics" feel sorely lacking though. There's room for improvment but I like what you've got so far 

That was a fun play, I enjoyed it. It has a long way to go, for sure, but it has a great foundation!