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Middle Mouse

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Looks awesome! Cant wait to try this thingo out! :D

Highly enjoyable experience. I had too much fun with that little red ball! I felt like a real undexterous doggo. But there was a gap in the bounding box in the bottom right corner and my ball fell out of the map and plummetted endlessly into the abyss. Sad doggo indeed.

Great exploration game! Good controls. Incredible look. Needs a mute button or something. :D

Nice game! It was semi-relaxing to play (i think the music helped with that feeling).
Also, beecause I was spam-clicking, I didn't see the game over screen for more than 0.2secs. Try putting a timer in so you can't click away for a second or so.
Otherwise great work in ~15 hours! :D

Love it. Absolutely awesome concept and execution. Guide was instrumental in learning to play. I had to reference it quite a few times. Felt very nostalgic for me. Great work!

I don't normally like stressful timer-based games but I liked this one! Great job!

Found the tunnel! Good job :)

This is AWESOME! Great job :D

Hi! Thanks for the feedback and for playing! I will look into making it more difficult., as many people commented on it being too easy,
Each level is progressively harder as less air is spawned and more hard blocks appear, and the blocks are spawned randomly each time :) Thanks again!

I love the jump animation! Good job on getting this far. Keep it up! :)

This is amazing! Well done. I love the little character animations.

Glad you like it!


thanks so much!