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Michael Musgrove

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I just want to note that my "Feed" button in my itch app is halfway cut off. It doesn't really bother me, but it's a quality thing, and I think you (the developer(s)) deserve to know. I do not know if my 1400x900 monitor display is the cause of this behavior. And do note that I have my sidebars as small as possible.

Best regards,

Michael Musgrove

Dear Amos,

Mission complete. Thank you for the direction.

Best regards,

Michael Musgrove

I have had a similar issue, as I stated in another post, and I have been directed to post my SquirrelSetup.log here. Be forewarned: I did not remove anything from this large text file. Thank you in advance for anything!



My itch client is telling me that a new version of itch, v23.4.2, is ready to download, as it has before. I click the "Download Now" button as I have in the past, but instead of updating inside of the client, it is instead taking me to the download page, for a full 126MB download. Is there something within this update that requires a complete redownload?

You may think it foolish of me, but please understand, my internet sucks. Lately, I haven't been getting any more than 400 kB/s, and my internet is not reliable, so it is really hard to download large files. I have tried to resume the download in Chrome when it fails, but all it has to say is, "Failed - Forbidden." As well, I cannot figure out a way to create a Torrent file for the download because BurnBit seems to no longer be in service.

That's all I have to say in my dilemma. If anyone has an suggestion on how to succeed in downloading the new version, I am all ears eyes.

Best regards,

Michael Musgrove

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Wonderfully put together! EDIT: Here's a review: http://itchpressreviews.blogspot.com/2017/07/police-stories-by-head.html

Here's a review: http://itchpressreviews.blogsp...

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Here's a review, and good job! :)


I've reviewed your game. I don't want to put off as being rude, and I hope I've done my best to constructively criticize. http://itchpressreviews.blogspot.com/2016/07/beam-...

Here are some extra notes about what I've noticed about your game (if they help):


Good job, Bud. :) Correct me on anything if need be.

Pardon me, for I was unclear. All controls work. I edited the post to clarify.

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I saw the fundamentals interesting; I backpedaled the whole time, because that made it easier to attack the zombies!


  • If I travel forward, the zombies catch up to me from behind, and slaughter me ruthlessly; that leads me to backpedal the whole time so I make it easier to shoot the zombies.


  • Different style of movement; I traveled backwards the whole time, because the zombies will follow me, and catch up to me, and I need to shoot them somehow.
  • Have the mouse determine the player's facing direction, so that aiming for the zombies is easier. (Maybe not this exactly, for it takes away some of the challenging gameplay).

Sorry about the misinformation. I fixed that to be Windows only; I don't know where I got the idea that Linux was included. I also added that the price is likely to change, and if I notice a price change, I'll edit it. Have a great day!

I did a review of your game, and I have to say I love it. You can see the review here. I'm proud of your work. :)

Are you a press user? I am, and I can verify your statement, except for games that are not in the press system.

I've reviewed your experience here. I've suffered from depression in the past, and your game is on point. I'm happy that you're trying to spread awareness.

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Here's a little review: http://codermusgrove.blogspot.com/2016/02/099-storm-is-approaching-by-andrea.html

That was Dam Hard, if you know what I mean. ;)

I love what you did the the classical (can't say the name because we don't want to evoke godly anger). I'm impressed with what you've accomplished. I'm proud of you. :)