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v23.4.2 update requires a complete redownload?

A topic by Michael Musgrove created 25 days ago Views: 62 Replies: 2
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My itch client is telling me that a new version of itch, v23.4.2, is ready to download, as it has before. I click the "Download Now" button as I have in the past, but instead of updating inside of the client, it is instead taking me to the download page, for a full 126MB download. Is there something within this update that requires a complete redownload?

You may think it foolish of me, but please understand, my internet sucks. Lately, I haven't been getting any more than 400 kB/s, and my internet is not reliable, so it is really hard to download large files. I have tried to resume the download in Chrome when it fails, but all it has to say is, "Failed - Forbidden." As well, I cannot figure out a way to create a Torrent file for the download because BurnBit seems to no longer be in service.

That's all I have to say in my dilemma. If anyone has an suggestion on how to succeed in downloading the new version, I am all ears eyes.

Best regards,

Michael Musgrove


Hey Michael,

There's been at least one other report of the v23.4.1 => v23.4.2 not applying by itself, but it's also working fine for a lot of other folks. There were no big changes in that release so I'm not sure what could cause it.

Could you post your squirrel log as detailed in this thread so we may find out see what's happening?


Dear Amos,

Mission complete. Thank you for the direction.

Best regards,

Michael Musgrove