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What wine version & linux distro are you using?

Unfortunately It is not in a playable state on my machine/distro. Once I tab out to use another application I am no longer able to interact with the game. In addition I have an issue where I get black borders .

Thank you for the quick answer! I'll give it a try when I get home!


Is it possible to refund if it doesn't work?

Do you expect to have a linux version in the future? Or do you know if the game is fine using wine?

Pretty cool game you got there :D

I am super impressed with how much you got done in the jam! Really cute art ! I found the movement a bit slow, which is a bit unfortunate as your game is based around moving around the map. I also managed to get stuck in a wall when pressing I. I could still get back out but had to wait for the cooldown. Hope to see more games from you in the future!

Bit confused at first. Had to go through the tutorial twice :/ Would have loved a bit more polish to make it more clear what to do. Music was lovely and I think you did very well given the time frame! This is one of the best uses of the limitation I have seen, great job!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am happy you noticed how the turrets are connected to the music. It took so much time to get it all working.

Haha. You can't quit xD.

It was not an easy feat to get the towers to shoot in rhythm. Thank you for playing and thanks for the kind words!

Stunning art. Gameplay is a bit funky xD. I would have liked more control over the gravity for individual instruments. It felt kinda slow at times due to this.

Big jump! Big bounce! Big fun!

The end

You Win! What a Chad!

This was a fun read :D

Not too shabby Nugget :D! Honestly sad to see it end short of the 30 seconds :/ haha

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Not bad :D

This is truly amazing. Honestly!