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Interesting concept, but difficult to understand. Some sort of tutorial would be very helpful!

If I were to go back I would absolutely zoom the camera in. The recoil does knock the player over, an attempt at some tongue in cheek humor on our behalf xD

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! That sound is a perfect example of "it's not a bug, it's a feature"!

This game has a surprising amount of depth. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback!

I'd like to think our game has really interesting gameplay. We created a twin stick shooter where you control your character by shooting! Check it out:

By the way, I thought your game was quite interesting!

Great idea! Reminds me a lot of some of the shrines in botw where you have to drag around a block or platform with you!


I enjoyed playing your game! Take a look at ours! :)

This is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the slight puzzle element of the game. Given more time, I'm sure you could really expand upon the groundwork you've laid and make some really compelling levels!

Thanks! I agree, I've seen some wonderful games this jam but there are so many to sort through!

This is a great submission! I really enjoyed the tongue in cheek humor. People in 90 degree kingdom are such squares am I right?! (I'm sorry...)

Thank you!

I've seen everything from between 80 and 1, so I'm not really sure what's what. I think the lack of a sort by ratings feature is better for everyone because it will prevent an unequal distribution of ratings.
By the way, love your game! Definitely one of the more original submissions I've seen!
Consider checking out our game :)

Hey! I love the idea! I'm sorry to add more to your work load, but I would love if you could do our game! :)

This is an interesting concept! Excellent use context clues to create a narrative!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for the feedback! A decrementing charge rather than a reset would be an interesting change. I'm going to have to experiment with that!

Thanks for your feedback, the size is definitely an issue! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed our game!

This is great! To be successful you really have to consider what sort of defenses and offenses the character you will have one or two turns down the line will have. This adds a really interesting tactical layer to gameplay.  Well done!

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm sorry You couldn't really see what was happening, our scale is definitely needs some re-working. Did you try playing in fullscreen mode?

I really liked the pacing of this game. It taught me how to play very effectively. The different shapes added an interesting layer to gameplay!

This is great! I was confused when the game told me to survive as long as I could before I was seated, but when it happened I howled XD

Love the game! I especially liked the upgrade system, not something I expected to see!
You should check out our game! We also did a twin stick shooter with one bullet, except you also use it to move!

Thanks for your feedback! The scale of the game definitely could use some tweaking. I wonder if some sort of lock on feedback would be useful?

Thank you!

I love the concept of this game. It clearly has the potential for greatness. However, I did experience performance issues and I think the "only one" theme could have been executed better. Theme aside, if you took this and made a full game out of it I would absolutely purchase it.

Clever! The guard's exclamation is hilarious. I didn't expect to see many games of the horror genre. I would suggest making the flashlight drain a little more quickly, though I image with the scale of the map that would be somewhat difficult to balance. Great work!

My friend and I's project was originally  conceived as a "single-stick" shooter (a take on twin stick shooters) with only one stick and one projectile. At first we imagined the player as an archer that would move themselves by firing arrows, but that didn't make a whole lot of sense. We ended up adopting a sci-fi aesthetic, so the idea of moving the character with the projectile's recoil was on the page again. As we built, more and more elements fell nicely into the "Only One" theme. We have one persistent boss enemy, one stage, one life, etc.

This is a great concept for a game! I applaud your creativity!

Thanks for playing! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks! My biggest regret with this Jam is making the player too small. There is a lot of action happening on screen and a lot of cool animations are very hard to see. If I could go back I would adjust the scale of everything.
Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for playing our game! I agree the player is far too small, noticed that a little too late! If I were to go back I would have made the character model a little bigger with brighter colors so as to contrast with the level a little more.

I am an absolute sucker for metrovanias! Your game is really impressive, great work!

Take a look at the game my friend and I came up with:
It's called Vortex Evac. We also took a fairly established genre and re-imagined the fundamentals. We created a "single-stick" shooter where the player only has one bullet!

Great game! Love the feedback when you contact a ball with the cue ball.

Awesome game! Took me a second to figure out that you could drag the helpers into place but once I did it played naturally!