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Are you in the office? You can access the office from behind the money counter. I will be updating the game soon to make this more clear. Pressing space while in front of the computer in the office should give you access. 

I grew up playing Silent Hill and Parasite Eve on PS1, but never got around to playing Resident Evil 1. I recently heard a song from the RE1 OST and loved it so much I decided to make my own tracks with a similar feel. I've never tried composing scary/horror music before and I think I'm addicted, ended up making 6 tracks in a few days and turned them into a pack.

(also...does anyone else remember these huge ps1 game cases?)

Thanks so much!

Hi ccletus, thanks for playing! This was a quick game for a game jam, I do not have a save feature. I will be expanding on this game and making a full release which will have a save feature and much more!

Yeah I really need to make that more clear, totally my bad. I spent so much time on the AI I didn't do great with the tutorial.


Man that sucks....really sorry about that. I'm hoping in future installments I'll have all the kinks worked out for all players.

Thank you! I'm hoping to make something bigger and better with this initial concept.

This is in my top 3, such original puzzles, movement felt so good. Awesome game! My only issue was I had to turn my speakers really high to hear the sound, I didn't even know there was audio until the end.

Best game of the Jam IMO

Thank you for the feedback. I don't think you were alone in having a hard time finding the computer room, I will keep this in mind if I update the game (also the quick text showing the goal only pops up when you enter that room, so that's a problem).The idea was to turn a failing mini-mart into the best mini-mart, again only displayed in a quick text when entering the shop the first time. I spent so much time on the system/AI I had to rush through the tutorial/story section.

The level design was very thoughtful. Great use of the assets, I got excited everytime the level changed color. Plus the name in ingenious.

I think this is my favorite one. Interactable menu icons, super fun art style/characters, so wholesome! And a day night has it all.

What a pleasant experience. You're obviously a very gifted artist. I enjoyed the "match" section with the tree branches.

Really solid game, and I learned some stuff about paintings!

I really enjoyed this, my favorite part was putting the food together. I did get stuck at the office though and couldn't finish it.

Art is really spectacular. But have to agree with others here as well, was a little lost with the gameplay. 

I really enjoyed all the cut scenes. 

This is super jankey and I love it

Very well put together game. I was on the edge of my seat during the final mission.

Really nice music and art style.

The driving is actually pretty fun in this, I got a kick out of the out-of-control cars as well. If you fix the map and add some more content I'll definitely be back!

Really clever idea and super cute. I especially enjoyed the "loosing" screen where she ends up signing a bunch of autographs lol.

Honestly one of the funnest jam games I've played in a long time. I was shocked at how engaging the driving was, and kept getting surprised at different game mechanics (just going about my day killing peeps and cycle). 

I agree with the other comment here, I didn't understand the score system initially. I also wish I could see my car's headlights on the ground a little. 

Great job, great tutorial, and most importantly... a jam game that's actually fun.

Thank you so much! I was up at 2am this morning when the player animations decided to not work, I'm really glad I was able to fix it and put it out by this morning.

Such an encouraging and helpful comment, thank you! Will take this all to heart/mind.