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this is epic

This is not a joke, I want more plsss xd

I cant move in html5 (W,A,S,D)

Is possble to obtain more sprites with this style? (paid, of course)

at first! <3

parts in svg?

Im speaking about online demo, your demo

in demo, I see all with low quality :/

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PS2: where's the complete pack (15$) button?? or I use the "5$" button and I change the price??

EDIT: its ok, I have, but pls, read all my prev message .-.

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It's impossible for me to associate, I'm not a spriter, I'm just a programmer, but sometimes I draw something and I would love to be able to use a program like this to experiment. I've already read the huge amount of combinations in the description and I think I'll definitely buy the complete pack . But anyway, I would really like to have the possibility to be able to implement my drawings, for myself... Is there a minimal possibility to be able to get the editable project? I can't associate myself as a spriter, but if you need programming help, I'm also a GMS2 user(since 2009). Thanks for your quick response, right now I buy the complete pack ^^

PS: Google translate, I'm Spanish

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I would like to know if it is still being updated with new sprites, and if so, until when (do you think) it will continue to be updatedAnother question, is it possible to add your own sprites?

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okay, with example I can connect, perfect.. but... how do I receive chat commands like "!play" ??

Bueno he visto que sí respondes en español, así que procedo xd

Estoy haciendo un juego tipo shooter runner, y los enemigos quiero que salgan al compás de la música, a veces si, a veces no, etc.. he intentado  usar un codigo que encontré en el foro oficial donde agarra el audio_sound_get_track_position(), hace un módulo con los SEGUNDOS y si da < 0.1 entonces entra en la conducción, esto condicionado por un booleano para que no se ejecute repetidas veces por eso de los decimales... Para sacar los SEGUNDOS que dura cada "beat" he usado webs online que te dicen los BPM de una canción, agarro ese BPM y lo divido entre 60 (1 min en segundos)... Parece encajar bien, pero a la larga los eventos se adelantan a la canción y ya no sé que hacer... Perdón por el largo texto, en resumen, necesito el tiempo (en steps) EXACTO entre beat y beat... No sé si esto me servirá, y si me sirve, quiero saber si recibiré ayuda en el caso de no conseguir implementarlo como necesito, gracias.

appx? :S

mechanics can be polished, but the general idea of getting more and more squads I love, and more is having a stage so small (the pit) that it causes claustrophobia and makes it even more frantic

win7 OperaGX

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El único que me atrajo del video de Alva... pero no me carga xD bueno me lo bajo :/ Por cierto mucha casualidad, pero el único juego que tengo yo subido en mi perfil es justamente un slime saltando por una torre xDD (bueno al mio lo llamo chicle, pk es rosita xd) molaría si te pasas y lo ves, es demasiada casualidad esto xd

I push E and nothing happens

fffffffffffff, so intense. very VERY nice experience lol

all screen in black


brutal effects!, I need to learn this kind of details

Thanks x2. I just search in google xd

rly thanks! <3

thx xd


Thanks, I usually check the licenses before downloading so I don't make the mistake of mixing it with other packs and maybe have problems...
PD: I ALWAYS give credit ;)

licenseee?? T_T (my 3rd identical comment)



For commercial games??? (with credits, of course)

epic lags in online (I have good conection)

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xDDDD nice comment thx for your review! maybe I program an ultimate tomato mega boss (UTMB), okno :v
but.... maybe there're tomatoes and you didn't unlock it... :3

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Thanks for your review, okay, maybe I increase light intensity for a next updates :D