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You need to go back to Pastown first, there are some events that take place there that let you unlock the recruitment of monster girls. After that, you'll get a chance of recruiting monster girls at the end of battles.

Me too, pending for 23 days so far. :(

You're very close to the end but not quite there yet. The game will tell you when you reach the final chapter.

The person you're looking for is somewhere in the border village. :)

Admittedly communication could have been better, so it is understandable, but we'll make sure to post some news outlining things very soon. :)


More updates coming very soon!

The original plan was to have smaller content updates as and when we have new content but it has accidentally evolved into a bigger and longer term update.

But rest assured more updates are coming!

Kind regards,

Hello and thank you so much for your feedback!

We'll try to improve the combat over time and get it feeling nicer. Once we have more skill types and interesting actions implemented, that is one of the ways the combat should start to feel a little bit nicer. We don't want it to feel too grindy or frustrating! That's one of the reasons we added the difficulty settings that are able to be changed freely during gameplay, kind of as a band aid for the time being.

Pleasure attacks and attacks that add special states are something we definitely plan to add in order to make combat more dynamic, they may take a bit more time than ordinary skills since they'll require more vigorous testing but it is definitely on our radar. Improving the temptation system is definitely something we are also open to looking into improving.

Your feedback will definitely be taken on board for future updates, thank you so much for playing and taking the time to voice your thoughts!

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Hello and thank you so much for trying out our game and giving such lovely feedback!

From chapter 2 enemies will continue to scale to the average level of the party so that people who want to grind in the meantime can still have a challenge.

To answer your questions:

Whilst trying to avoid spoiling anything, we'll share some of the plans we have.

Yes, we do have plans to reveal the cow girls in a future part of the story. It will reveal what happened when they got taken away.

The well will indeed have a function later on, we want to add a few secret areas with unique equipment and things like that as a way to encourage players that like to explore and discover rare things.

The plan for the lab includes trying to navigate dangerous machinery but the main theme will be encountering failed experiments or hybrid monster girls. We're working on this particular area right now for one of the first few content updates.

More will be revealed about the emperor in due time during the story, the capital will be revisited and eventually a place you can go to again. The ship there will be used to explore areas of the map that are not currently accessible and possibly new continents when we have enough content.

Without spoiling the plot, you seem to be having the correct ideas about the priestess. When you eventually go to visit the realm of the succubi in chapter 2, more will be revealed about this situation and what her interactions with the player really mean. 

Hope this answers your questions!

Thanks so much for the well wishes, we hope our future additions will also be to your liking!

Perfect, thanks for letting us know!

Okay we have uploaded a new build to see if this will fix the problem. If it was related to steam as we suspected, it should be fixed.

Please either redownload the game or update and let us know if you're still having crashes.

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Okay that sounds like possibly it could be related to the steam achievements. It is crashing at times when they would possibly trigger.

We'll upload a new build to itch with that system disabled, maybe it'll stop the crashes.

Does it give you any error message?

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Hello sorry to hear you're experiencing a problem!

Could you explain what is happening? Are you getting a full game crash when defeated?