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We would really like to do that as well, but not before Macs fully support VR

Thank you! We checked out your game as well, and we think VR city building sims will be incredibly fun. Looking forward to seeing what you guys end up with! 

Could your issue be related to the recent issue with SteamVR + Windows 10?

Hey Hirashi, we're sorry you're having troubles :( . Could you describe more in detail what is wrong and send it to support@metanautvr.com? Maybe include a screenshot or two.

We'll try to help you out

That's a great idea! No worries, we understand your post perfectly. We have imagined that the snapping system should work like how you just described, so stay tuned for future updates to see it in action!

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Thanks for the feedback kizerp! We're glad you like it. Gluing the wrong part of the gadget is a known bug it'll be fixed in the next release.

Snapping gadgets together is also in our plan, but would you like to share in more detail on how you imagine the snapping system works?