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Ruberg - Build Your Dream Rube Goldberg Machine

A topic by Metanaut created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 413 Replies: 3
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This is perfect timing for a perfect VR game for the Japanese market! 

Our Rube Goldberg machine VR game—Ruberg—will be perfect for this opportunity considering how popular the NHK television show, PythagoraSwitch, is!

We haven't released the game yet, but it's already received an award from the Vancouver VR community, as well as thousands of upvotes (and hundreds of comments) from Reddit:

Our studio plans on releasing Ruberg early next year for the Vive.

A short snippet about our VR puzzle game:

  • "Build your dream Rube Goldberg machine!"
  • Physics-based VR puzzle game
  • Sandbox mode and puzzle mode
  • Save, load, undo, redo so you never have to suffer from a screw-up
  • Share and load other people's rubergs (i.e. machines)
  • Choose from 27 unique gadgets to build with
  • Perfect for the maker, hacker, engineering, and technology types

More details here:

You can contact us about Ruberg here:

Hi Metanaut, I'm actually surprised you know of that show, but yes. I had seen your game a short while back, and when I was talking to the people that we partnered up with - your game was one of the games that sparked their interest. Actually, if we play our cards right I can probably get your game featured on NHK as I know the people that work there. I'll send you an email and we can get the ball rolling... literally ;). Thanks!

That's great to hear :)

I've spent small parts of my childhood in Taiwan, where we have broadcasts of Japanese TV channels. They were by far one of my favorite channels. My favorite shows were PythagoraSwitch and MASQUERADE. So, I'm familiar with those shows.

Thanks for the email. Let's chat there!

I didn't know that about Taiwan! Very interesting - anyway, yes! Looking forward to our discussion there :). Cheers!