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Thanks for the feedback kizerp! We're glad you like it. Gluing the wrong part of the gadget is a known bug it'll be fixed in the next release.

Snapping gadgets together is also in our plan, but would you like to share in more detail on how you imagine the snapping system works?

so for snapping ive played some games where objects snap together and are then locked in that postion and cant be adjusted further which would make it difficult in a game like this to get just the right angles that some peoole would want. so instead of locking in place why not have it so its almost like its connected on a ball joint the track like pieces can snap into perfect alignment then allow for it to be twisted around or angled up and withot becoming disconnected similar to a wodden toy train track the metal rods act similar connecting at the ends and allowing full rotation to get just the right angles sorry if ive explained it porly but i hope you get the general idea

That's a great idea! No worries, we understand your post perfectly. We have imagined that the snapping system should work like how you just described, so stay tuned for future updates to see it in action!

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