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"MacBook Pro Speakers"

Even more curiously, if I route BlackHole audio to the speakers and route Evaluator to BlackHole, that works. So it seems there is something special about the Mac's built-in speakers as a device.

I tried to build the source code using the latest XCode, but couldn't work out how to build the actual binary. (XCode has gotten a lot more complicated since I last built a Mac application...)

Update: Seems to be something weird about MacBook Pro speakers as a sound output. If I route the output to a USB audio interface, that works. I can even route audio to a BlackHole multi-output device, and from there to my headphones and DAW, so I'm good to go now. Still, there's some sort of audio bug there...

Unfortunately the standalone version doesn't work on OS X 12.5. I get an error saying:

Failed to Initialize Audio

RtApiCore::probeDeviceOpen: the device (1) does not support the requested channel count.

My audio input is the MacBook Pro's microphone, the output is the MacBook Pro's speakers.

The plugin versions can't be installed, macOS installer says the code needs to be updated.