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Heya Bluecat, I was curious if i could ask something about your patreon, is there something you'd prefer to use inplace of dming?

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hey mate, i found it out, when you open up DM for week one, it has all those folders, basically, you will be replacing all your Week 1 files with their equivalent names in DM folder, lmk if that makes sense just be sure to make backups(duplicate/copy paste) your original week 1 if you come into any issues

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i can't remember exactly, i think mine did the same as his, but i believe it's because i used a copy of 0.5.24, after using the .25 mine was able to open after adding all the necessary files and then i had the option to activate the mod.

ah ok, understood and i did swap out the main menu, mansion, and 299 and believe i have done everything correctly, i will try again tomorrow with a fresh download of the mod and replace everything to where it should be and see if that works, thank you 

Gotcha, well i did have the 0.5.25 for all the modding attempts i was doing, seeing it not function i have switched over to .24 as of right now, will attempt running it on my pc tomorrow with the edits after i've completed them. i'll try looking into that fix for log if i can get the mod to work. onto your side note, it does not boot with multiple windows, the terminal is able to be opened in the file(i think, i actually have no clue how to use those) but the game .app is the only thing that boots up on Mac

i believe so, its just how it is done step by step on windows, but yea, same process

no problem, i just wanted again to thank you for all you have already shown me. I will add a small bit, idk if you were made aware, the newest version seems to have no daily log, so im using the version right before this newest one, minor hiccups, but thanks none-the-less mate

Hi RK76Manishog, i was referred by ankmairdor i followed everything to the letter(very helpful for future Mac game modding btw) i have indeed gotten the random portraits to work, but still see no changes after enabling Arics mod. i also made sure to check and everthing is read/write enabled in the folder.

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@ankmairdor I followed this guide, and i indeed got the male & female portraits working but when checking the "talk" selection i still have the default 3 options, as well as checking the customization on new game after enabling the Aric mod along with portraits tho im very unexperienced with enabling modes other than hitting apply and opening the game, I'm unaware if something i did not do didn't register or what tho. I may just have to attempt tomorrow on my desktop. any further insight would be appreciated, tho you did already provide tons of assistance. 


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oh wow that was very fast response, much obliged ankmairdor, i"ll be working on that shortly, let ya know how it goes

@AricTriton  I don't suppose there is a MacOS version of this modding guide, if not it's still good for me to run on my PC, but would like to use mac track pad. Just let me know soon as ya can, thanks mate