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This is very cool and a clearly represents a lot of effort and imagination from its creator.  I'm having a little trouble with the movement though; it seems very easy for the strict suit-determined exit directions to yield impossible movement options.  For example, a spade on the left or right edge of the board, approached from the side, has no valid exit unless specifically marked.  What do we do in these situations?  Just pretend it's a club?

Well... that's one way to be mad!


The answer is Society isn't it?  Yeah...

This does work beautifully, and I especially like being able to set the delay time.  At 10 or 20 seconds, it's done in a few hours, I feel pretty good about not stressing anyone's servers, and I didn't have to mindlessly click 700 buttons.

Nice work.  It's super cute and leaves me wanting to play some more in this universe.

Wonderfully imaginative; much more than just a Zelda parody.  Has some notable Undertale vibes, but brings plenty of its own tricks to the table.

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The game executable appears to be hardlinked to libssl and libcrypto from openssl 1.0, making it unable to run on systems with openssl 1.1.  If this requirement can't be loosened, I would suggest bundling the required libraries.

Nicely done! I really enjoy this concept, and the presentation is simple and elegant.  I think I might need an Easy Mode though; the timer is a bit too fast for me, even at the beginning.  Or how about, in addition to Time Attack (let's call it), there could be a Strategy mode in which new rows are added based on the number of words you've spelled rather than time taken.  That would be a very different style, encouraging players to take their time and spell more complex words.

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It's a breezy little diversion.  Fiddle with some sliders, make cool looking planetoid-things.  It immediately reminded me of Rakuen, and the character of Sue with her multitude of marble worlds, each with a distinct personality and story.

Has anyone had any luck getting this to run in WINE? I've yet to come upon a working combination of settings.

I'm puzzled, too, why this has to be such a complicated thing to implement.  Believe me, I 100% understand how downloading all this stuff at once could nuke the servers of a company of any size.  I'm not asking for that, nor could I even begin to need immediate access to 1000+ new games at once.  However, the games themselves are quite difficult to navigate and keep track of in the one big unordered list on the Purchases page.  Is there a reason they shouldn't all be part of a user's Library?  Is simply adding them to the Library without downloading them such a huge server strain for  Is it a similar strain on Itch's infrastructure for all the users who bought the bundle to click each individual Claim It! button over the course of however many hours that would take?  Because that's the course of action we have available to us right now, and I sure hope Itch isn't counting on us just giving up because it's too much work for their servers.  How about some drastically rate-limited form of automation of this process on a "best effort" basis?  The bundle ended back in mid-June.  If I had been able to claim (Not download! Just claim!) one title every hour since then, the whole process would have been done long ago, and I probably would have gotten to play a lot more of them than I have.  One title an hour still too much of a strain?  Fine, how about one every six hours?  The bundle would take a year to completely enter my library......but I can live with that!  Just have some respect for our time and don't make us do a bunch of stuff by hand that could be easily automated, regardless of how slowly it needs to process to be practical.

This is failing to install for me on Linux using the client.  The Install button spins for a moment and then stops without changing to 'Launch'.  No error that I can see. The installer creates an empty 1365 directory in itch/apps.  The game itself runs fine when downloaded manually.