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Still can't believe this fell off my radar

Feed Back; 


Game feels okay to play, some tightening up can work. Some combos feel pretty stiff(Hina's normal) though. Jump is also a little weird, as the hit box seems to still exist on the ground, or some enemies have really weird hit boxes(The trenchcoat enemies with their slides feel like a 50/50 when jumping). 

Also some of the items in the stage seem to either be pick up and throw or attack to destroy. There doesn't seem to be a visual difference and there's been more than a few times I've been swinging at something I should be grabbing. That or positioning is weird. 

One other thing is that bosses seem to be either rather easy(Oni sisters, Train boss, ghost boss) or annoying(Train, Plane, and Lady Wolf to a degree). Plane espically as she eats more into your time than your HP with that gust attack. 

Speaking of time, there's often a lot of time wasted waiting for enemies to get back on screen. I'm not sure how easy this would be but could you speed them up when off screen a little bit? 

Sound/Music; This seemed okay to me. Nothing really wrong. 

Graphics/appearance; I do like the look of the game, the old toony style is really good but some of the characters(Hina and Vivia mainly) have some weird looks while holding items, but that just seems to be due to the fact the 'hold item' animation is also 'hold enemy'. But that comes off just a little weird with something like a sword or bat. 

I'll have to try it a few times more with the fixed score screen but I do like what I see.

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I got to stage 3 and the game just seems to end at the score screen after completing. Bug or intended? 

EDIT: Okay I think I found the problem, though dunno if it's on MY end or not. Stage three seems to be the 'end state' of the demo and when it ends you're expected to put in a 3 letter name or so for high score. But controls just seem to die on me when trying to do so. 

Slight question, what size is the big preview sheet? It seems to be 80x80?

These will go great with the others you've made. Been looking for something to do with my monster drop/ingredient idea

Hmm technically some of the assets in the more Fantasy set would work for that. Now that I sit and think(After playing with with the icons a bit more), more 'monster/parts/materials' could probably work too.

I'll leave with that, I'm grateful to what is here right now. I just need to fiddle with importing and what not. I hope you have good holidays too.

These look very good and I'm in the process of swaping into these on my little test/project idea. As it's a Zombie ish game these work. 

If I could suggest something new to add if you make more, some extra accessories? Like earrings, bracelets, and other non clothing items. 

Look good. I've been looking for something that looks more 'modern' without going into Scifi. This looks like it'll suit my needs quite well with some editing(mainly colors and some fusion between the parts). 

Huh, I completely forgot about this. 

I'll give a shot again. Unsure if I'll actually use this now(moved onto other ideas). However I do thank you for getting back to me about it. 

I don't suppose you could rig this to work on RPG maker could you?

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Very cool and just waht I was looking for. 

We can edit these though right in case I want to change the hue of things right?