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These look very good and I'm in the process of swaping into these on my little test/project idea. As it's a Zombie ish game these work. 

If I could suggest something new to add if you make more, some extra accessories? Like earrings, bracelets, and other non clothing items. 

Hey MerlinCross! :)

Thanks for the interesting feedback! I've written down earrings and bracelets for future updates! 

Cheers, and happy holidays,

Hmm technically some of the assets in the more Fantasy set would work for that. Now that I sit and think(After playing with with the icons a bit more), more 'monster/parts/materials' could probably work too.

I'll leave with that, I'm grateful to what is here right now. I just need to fiddle with importing and what not. I hope you have good holidays too.