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I don't suppose you could rig this to work on RPG maker could you?

In case you didn't figure this out, you can actually slot this into RPG Maker VX Ace without a hitch, as both VXA and this set are drawn in 32x32. For MV/MZ (which are 48x48), you'll probably need a plugin to change the game's default resolution to keep things looking clean, lest you have to upscale these assets by 1.5x, which results in inconsistent pixel sizes.

Huh, I completely forgot about this. 

I'll give a shot again. Unsure if I'll actually use this now(moved onto other ideas). However I do thank you for getting back to me about it. 

I'm not the creator, but I was in the same boat so I figured I'd chime in lol. No problem.