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Very fun and  cute little teaser. I look forward to the full game!

I'm not the creator, but I was in the same boat so I figured I'd chime in lol. No problem.

In case you didn't figure this out, you can actually slot this into RPG Maker VX Ace without a hitch, as both VXA and this set are drawn in 32x32. For MV/MZ (which are 48x48), you'll probably need a plugin to change the game's default resolution to keep things looking clean, lest you have to upscale these assets by 1.5x, which results in inconsistent pixel sizes.

Not sure why you think so. Each tile is drawn in 32x32. As the picture shows.

Very nice set, but it's 32x32, not 16x16. We bought the set for a game we're making in 16x16 base and figured out the mistake after the fact. You really should adjust that in the description.