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I really enjoyed this even though it was short! I loved the voice acting and the conversations felt very natural. I'd love to play another game like this someday!

Hello! I posted a couple times on this message board/forum/etc. in the past a while ago, and came to check up on this project to see how it's going. I'm so glad a new update will be coming soon! I'll definitely have to replay the game before that, though! Thanks so, so much for continuing to work on this despite how hectic life is and how difficult it must be to find the motivation to keep going. This is still one of my favorite VNs on and I look forward to the update! <3

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I loved this! I've only played it once, and will definitely play again, but I wanted to leave a comment before I do. I started with Jeska and Lillum. Hoo boy. They were a piece of work. I got good endings for them and the other two couples, but I don't think it was because the game is too easy. I wasn't sure which approach to take with Nerium and Baird, but I pushed through since I've have a bit of experience in stopping a canine from eating a plant in the past. But I also play visual novels and dating sims on a regular basis, so that probably has something to do with it too.  Everything was very well done and I enjoyed it even more than I expected to. I'd love to play a longer version of this game, but I understand that you have no current plans to create one. Either way, good luck and I hope I'll be able to play your future games!

First, let me just say wow, the writer is really looking for a manic pixie dream girl. He's also incredibly rude and pretentious. The second he referred to himself as a "nice guy" I started laughing. It physically pains me that people like that exist. (When he snapped at the person waiting our table to get their attention, I put my head in my hands. ) Aside from him, I really liked all the characters! But I liked the witch and her ending the best! I loved playing this and would be so excited to play it as a full length visual novel or text adventure game. Thanks so much for making this! I hope you expand on this idea, but even if not I'd love to play your future games. 

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Checking in

Hello! I realized I haven't checked in for a while, so here I am!! (You may not remember me; I've posted only a couple of times in a few topics.) Anyway, there IS a reason, haha... – I'm honestly, ha... a few MONTHS behind in schoolwork, but I'll keep trying my best. Just did the SAT a couple of weeks ago, so I am making some progress at least... even if I probably didn't do so well, heh. ANYWAY, I've been looking into creating a visual novel of my own – short but with a good amount of choices – and oh man. I have even more appreciation for the writing and length of this game, all while having so many options – and a management and stat-raising aspect as well! And without pay, to boot! Basically, what I'm trying to say is, christ all mighty, you are amazing. Take your time with updates; even though we want more, it's better to have quality content that takes some extra time, than to have rushed and incomplete content that takes way less time.

Thanks so much for keeping the game free, but I'd be happy to pay in order to offer support if you decided to charge for it. (I can't give much now, but I'm going to go donate after I post this.) I just read that there's only one person left on the dev team – Aleema. So, thank you for continuing development, Aleema! It must be hard to be the only one left, so I'm very sorry. :( But I know everyone appreciates you continuing to work on the game. I bet it's at least a bit discouraging since you're not really being recognized specifically by us fans – I know it would be for me. My offer from awhile ago to help out with anything I can still stands. I'm an artist, so let me know if you'd like me to help with art, and/or give some recommendations for good artists that have reasonable commission prices. Good luck and thank you for sticking with the development! I know it must be hard, but don't give up!

I've haven't checked in for a really long time because of schoolwork running me over like a school bus, but I want to let you guys know I'm cheering for you! Good luck on the development! It seems people have stopped posting much, but I know for sure that I –and everyone else who loves this game– still support you. Keep on keepin' on, we really appreciate you for all that you've done!


I saw another user (Goldenrose) create a topic to give their opinions on the game so I want to do the same. I also have a few questions as well. So far I've played all the story mode routes for the boys (and also Collin's route) and I really loved them all. At first I was going to go for Emmitt, but when I saw Dallas I knew... I knew I had to go for the "brooding leather jacket Texas man" as I affectionately called him. One of the things I loved about the game is that the MC actually has a personality with pros and cons like real people, but lord help me I wanted so badly to yell at her throughout most of Dallas's route. After him I did Emmitt, and then Beau. I got excited for Beau because of his warnings about band relationships in the other routes. I kept thinking "Oh dude you're gonna get so wrecked. Get ready for band relationship central." I also loved the public opinion board, I've never seen that done in a game before.

(End spoilers ahead)

There were a few things in particular that confused me though. Beau's route was like... 1,000,000x more intimate than the others. I did his route last so I was really surprised. I didn't expect Emmitt's route to be like that since he's more the cute type, but it seemed odd to me that it was so different than in Dallas's route. And Beau's and Dallas's endings were fine, but I felt like Emmitt's was more of a neutral ending? It kinda felt like I messed up and got the "OK" ending, since Emmitt leaves and the route ends with Robin thinking he'll forget about her and meet another girl and stuff. The only ending that really felt like a "good" ending was Beau's, since Dallas's was a bit vague. I was wondering if this is intentional? I saw that the routes will be continued, but I wasn't sure if the current endings were meant to be equally "happy". Overall I loved the game and I plan on doing all the other open-ended routes; the only problem I had was with a couple of the main route's endings and Beau's and Dallas's routes being so... inconsistent, I guess? And I was a bit disappointed that there aren't any GxG routes, but I still love the game. I'm sorry if this comes off as rude! If these things specifically are already planning on being changed before the full release then just ignore that bit.

As far as open-ended mode though, I absolutely love Emma and Rose. But I can't do Emma's route since I downloaded the game before her route was released and it won't let me update it. There's an error that comes up–so I'll post that in the in the bug reports forum after this. But I think I've been playing too much anyway, so...

Anyway, thanks so much for making this game and sharing it with the world for free!! I can't wait until it's fully done. It's definitely one of the best visual novel/management games I've ever played, if not the best.