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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

Opinions & Questions

A topic by mercyterms created Jun 30, 2016 Views: 564 Replies: 2
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I saw another user (Goldenrose) create a topic to give their opinions on the game so I want to do the same. I also have a few questions as well. So far I've played all the story mode routes for the boys (and also Collin's route) and I really loved them all. At first I was going to go for Emmitt, but when I saw Dallas I knew... I knew I had to go for the "brooding leather jacket Texas man" as I affectionately called him. One of the things I loved about the game is that the MC actually has a personality with pros and cons like real people, but lord help me I wanted so badly to yell at her throughout most of Dallas's route. After him I did Emmitt, and then Beau. I got excited for Beau because of his warnings about band relationships in the other routes. I kept thinking "Oh dude you're gonna get so wrecked. Get ready for band relationship central." I also loved the public opinion board, I've never seen that done in a game before.

(End spoilers ahead)

There were a few things in particular that confused me though. Beau's route was like... 1,000,000x more intimate than the others. I did his route last so I was really surprised. I didn't expect Emmitt's route to be like that since he's more the cute type, but it seemed odd to me that it was so different than in Dallas's route. And Beau's and Dallas's endings were fine, but I felt like Emmitt's was more of a neutral ending? It kinda felt like I messed up and got the "OK" ending, since Emmitt leaves and the route ends with Robin thinking he'll forget about her and meet another girl and stuff. The only ending that really felt like a "good" ending was Beau's, since Dallas's was a bit vague. I was wondering if this is intentional? I saw that the routes will be continued, but I wasn't sure if the current endings were meant to be equally "happy". Overall I loved the game and I plan on doing all the other open-ended routes; the only problem I had was with a couple of the main route's endings and Beau's and Dallas's routes being so... inconsistent, I guess? And I was a bit disappointed that there aren't any GxG routes, but I still love the game. I'm sorry if this comes off as rude! If these things specifically are already planning on being changed before the full release then just ignore that bit.

As far as open-ended mode though, I absolutely love Emma and Rose. But I can't do Emma's route since I downloaded the game before her route was released and it won't let me update it. There's an error that comes up–so I'll post that in the in the bug reports forum after this. But I think I've been playing too much anyway, so...

Anyway, thanks so much for making this game and sharing it with the world for free!! I can't wait until it's fully done. It's definitely one of the best visual novel/management games I've ever played, if not the best.


Yeah, the routes were all different from each other because I wrote them organically. Typically you plot out what happens and such, but I am not a smart woman. I like the variety because I feel like that's just how it would naturally happen in real life. She wouldn't hit the same milestones at the same time for each character. Unfortunately, that means some get a lot of sex and some get none. :P

I like "bittersweet" endings, so that was what I was aiming for. Of course, I realized how vague and unfinished I left each pairing and immediately started writing epilogues. They got long and longer and well, they're full stories now. In part, I felt limited by Open Mode, which is a direct sequel to Story Mode. Robin has to stay behind and start a new band. My happiest endings for all the character routes is that she goes with them.

Re-download the game to get the newest content and your saves should remain. (If not, just drop the folder into the new copy.) You can email if you want a premium code like Goldenrose.

Thank you for playing and for your lovely honest feedback!! I'm glad you're (mostly) enjoying! :D

is there a chance of seeing robin and emmitt married or engaged?

because i would love to see that.