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No problem at all. Maybe we can fix this at a later point :)

The app is a wine bottle wrapped as a macOS app. You can open it like a folder with a right-click and inside it is a Wine configuration tool. Launch it, maybe something needs to be adjusted to your macOS version. I am still running 10.14 Mojave as I need 32bit support for some apps I am using.

You need to install  XQuartz. Otherwise, it will not launch.

You need to use a controller. Keyboard support is not implemented and intended.

You need to launch the game from the batch file not the executable

May 2013 on Desura

Please read the installation instruction above!

  • To add new games, copy the game DATA folder into the OpenC1 GameData folder. It will appear as an available game.
  • If you add the full SplatPack DATA folder, you will need to unencrypt the files first.
  • Standard Carmageddon 1 encrypted files are able to be read by OpenC1.

Sure. You can play with people online. Just use the server list in the main menu. LAN and offline play is also possible.

Yes, but not native. You need to install Wine to do this.
It's how the macOS version works. It's just a Wine wrapper for Mac.

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Sadly, no. Because Carmageddon 2 is using a different engine and OpenC1 only reimplements the engine for the first Carmageddon.

Try 😀

On my end everything is working fine :( I need more details ... what platform are you playing? I'm on Windows 10. Please make sure that all dependencies are installed as listed on the download page.

Hey, I verified the download and found out it was somehow missing files. I updated it. I should work for you now. :)

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You need to place the Quake game directory in the SharpQuake root directory or define your base directory via command arguments. SharpQuake does not provide any Quake data. Please read the description for setup instructions.