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thank you, great to hear you enjoyed it!

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thank you, happy you found it innovative!

thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

This game is amazing,  had a lot of fun playing it.

What a fun game, amazing artwork and music for a game made in 48 hours!

this game has truly changed my life. Before playing this I didn't understand what challenge truly meant, but after playing this I have finally come to understand how to amazing life's challenges can be. This has reunited me with my wife and kids, truly spectacular.

check out Bomba Bro 

After playing the game, I feel that the movement is fun but very sluggish. The main issue is see comes from the slow heavy movement, allowing players to move fast enough to fell the impact while still keeping the two handed movement I enjoyed from this game could really give it some improvements. I recommend checking out gorilla tags locomotion system for some inspiration.

 Keep up the good work!

nice game, I can see it being something like doom

was a great and funny little game

interesting concept and was fun to play

short but sweet

Looks like I'm not the only one learning quick 

this was an amazing game, i had a blast playing it and i do hope you add more levels, maybe some bosses , and other great additions and would definitely pay to play this game, keep up the great work.