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Hi there,

Thank you for your interestment. The game is still in development as I want to upload something great rather than few levels. 

Have a great day,


Wow, that one wonderful! 

Hey, thank you for the feedback, really appreciated.

Music: iqdenim

Art:  LadyEdna 

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Thank you! iqdenimLadyEdna did their wonderful part as well. :)

Check out my game if you can. ^^

Interesting game and nice dialogues! I really enjoyed the retro feeling it gave. 

Thank you @81monkeys ! You'll surely see more in the future. 

My pleasure.

Nice concept! I really enjoyed how fluid the movements were. 

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Interesting arcade and nice music but a bit too unpredictable once the robot gets a lot of speed. 

I would like to see more in the future! 

Done! ^^

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@Mnemonic7 Great idea but you would have to find a proper connection between the two random chosen themes or at least count just one. ^^

Here are my themes:

Dark Fantasy
Speculative Fiction
Good luck to everyone and have a fun development!

The graphic is wonderful.

Well done!

Wow, I really love the concept.  Enjoyable to play and very challenging!

Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, I thought about deleting the first one and improve the second minigame. ^^

Thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry you don't enjoy it that much. I will try to think of more ways to make it better. As I also wrote, I have many other ideas to implement, the lack of time was the problem. :)

Wow, this is wonderful. Is this using the Mode 7 Object?

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Really interesting game. I love the cartoonish art style and the enemies were hard to beat!

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Thank you for the feedback. I decided it could be better to avoid the short minigame puzzle and only improve the shmup one as I find it to be more enjoyable, even for others. Will surely keep you posted for the next updates and improvements.

Hi, thank you for the feedback and understanding. Sadly I had to work on it just around 5 days before its release, even though I'm planning to add even more in the future updates.

Regarding the grammar errors, heh, I'm Italian, I tried to do my best in all the aspects of the game.

Very similiar to Nuclear Throne but neat spaceship movements.

Interesting game.

Wonderful game, would like to play even more.

Love the overall feeling with the spaceship, well done!