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Dear MustacheDood. Thank you so much for your awesome review. You have youtube talent! Looking forward to more great review videos!

Thanks for your comment!

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

Really cool game, refreshing take on the theme! Best graphics I’ve seen in all of this jam. Nice difficulty curve, really cool how the ghosts get more difficult to recognize over time (I felt the clues were getting more subtle over time, or was that luck?). Simple but effective narrative. Reminded me of papers please.

I got really curious about the people visiting my booth. What are their names? What are the consequences of me letting a ghost in? Does that turn other guests into ghosts as well? Or leaving a non-ghost out? Are they safe outside of the cinema?

Really cool, thanks for creating this!

When I downloaded your game here:, to be able to play I had to rename the folder to LostInTruth_data

The game view, from above, up close, surrounded by darkness, everything in monochrome shades, gives the player a really claustrophobic feeling. That worked really well with the haunting music and the title of the game. The controls feel really wonky at first (because of the 45 degree angle), but maybe feeling a bit out of control is fitting as well. I could imagine a more narrative being provided by a voice over or something.

Thanks for creating this!

Original take on the theme! You got a bit of the prison architect vibe going, nice. The black font was hard to read on the dark-gray background. While playing, if I got unlucky, the real killer(s) would never get into contact with victims, so I felt unable to detect which was the real one. Maybe changing the directions the characters can walk in a bit more could help?

Thanks for creating this!

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Looks like we both need just three more ratings! I have rated your game :)

You can rate+play mine here:

Really cool style graphics! It fits the name and overall concept quite well, all in all really consistent. Its instantly clear what the player has to do (which is a good thing). I did find myself waiting for the -1 vision to come back at many times, I wonder if there is a way to make these moments more interesting.

Thanks for creating this game :D

I’ve rated your game, thanks for sharing :D

Here’s mine:

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I have rated your game :D

Here’s mine:

Rated + reviewed :)

Graphics reminded me of Kingdom: New Lands a bit. Movement felt quite smooth, liked that death is rewarded with a quick respawn (would have been tedious otherwise).

Thanks for making this!

Reading back my review, it seems that I left out some other observations I had:

  • really cool that you made a game in a game!
  • the graphics and feel of both the outer and inner layer game are so awesome
  • I love that you went with a non-obvious concept and let the player figure stuff out

Thanks for the extra help!

Cool style, I like how the dream world is mario-like and a 2d sideview instead of top down. Did you make the music? If so; it rocks!

Small feedback:

  • the text scrolling was a bit slow for my taste, I felt compelled to skip dialogue because of it
  • the platform mechanics were a bit clunky, collecting 89 coins felt like too much

Great work!

How the cannonballs gently bump into the character is quite fun to me. The graphics are cool and the music fits well. After collecting lots of gold coins, suddenly having to collect silver coins instead felt a bit harsh (why did I collect those gold coins?!). Some of the silver coins were out of reach (am I supposed to climb on a cannonball for the one on the top right?), and having already explored the level to get the gold coins, collecting them felt a bit grindy.

Overall, really nice game, thanks for creating it!

I’ll rate+review your game, would love to hear your opinion on mine :)

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Thanks :)

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

Love the perspective and design of this game. Almost commercial level indie! The look plays into the really cool mechanic of moving the camera through a gate. Reminded me of antichamber a bit. The music fit the atmosphere well. My biggest feedback would be that solving the puzzles felt more like undirected search and less like there was a clear goal to work towards. As a result, the search towards and finding the solution were not always rewarding for me personally.

One of the coolest games I saw in this jam!

Played, reviewed, rated. Thanks :)

Really cool idea! I figured out how to log into the account, but didn’t know where to apply the cypher. I could play the game-in-the-game, but could not figure out where to get the key to open the gate. I figured I needed to do something to fix that outside of the game-in-the-game. In the code editor, I tried stuff like setting the timescale to a really high number, but that wasn’t recognized as a correct code. Could not figure out what code to add there to make it work.

All in all, really great work!

Rated and left a review. Thanks :D

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Thats a lot of combos! Thanks for the feedback, could be a bit more outlined indeed.

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

Love the graphics, remind me a little bit of fez! I managed to save 1 chicken and gather 3 coins in the end.

The fact that your power to see the true world runs out in 25 seconds and cannot be recharged (or at least; couldnt find a way) is pretty interesting. It motivates the player to remember where things are, or to very quickly toggle the true-world-vision. Cool! But it can also be frustrating when it completely ran out. Maybe replaying the game could be motivated, so the player can learn from burning 15 seconds on the first coin? That could be achieved by making a game resets really easy, e.g. recommending that the moment your time runs out the first time?

Thanks for building this game :D

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Sorry to hear that it was not clear. Thanks for trying and reviewing :D

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

Reviewed and rated. Looks like you got your 20 ratings, congrats :D

Really cool graphics, nice music, nice story bits with a good connection to the theme.

Small feedback:

  • I got stuck on the second or third screen, could not figure out how to get on the upper ledge.
  • the special abilities of each of the characters could be explained a bit more (walking through spikes / pressing buttons), at both a narrative as a technical level

Really good work :D

Rated and reviewed!

Rated and reviewed. Thanks for sharing your game :D

Love the music and graphics, the narrative at the start! My biggest feedback would be that jumping did not feel very consistent, some jumps that look easy are impossible and the other way round.

Great work!

Thanks! Rated and reviewed!

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Thanks for your feedback! This version is a bit too hard and the combinations start overflowing a bit, but we made a post jam version a few hours after the deadline:

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

The fear is real, but I wish toothache wasn’t. Am I the toothfairy? Really loved the opening cinematic! My main feedback would be that the game felt a bit easy once started; just buy that drill and got to work.

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Thanks! Doodle god is awesome!

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

What a cool game! Rated & reviewed :)

The opening dialogue was really well done! It made me want to play the game to discover more about this strange dystopian world.

Some small feedback:

  • Got stuck on the level with the keys jumping up and down. Felt like a difficulty jump compared to the other levels.
  • Audio didn’t work for me?

My favorite drink is water too, how human of the both of us :)

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I’ve rated your game :D

We need 3 more ratings:

Rated and reviewed! Thanks!

Cute little platformer! Looks quite polished. I’m curious what makes this game “ReverseReality”?

Some small feedback:

  • hitboxes of the enemies could be slightly smaller
  • the height of jumps seemed to vary in a way I couldn’t quite understand

Thanks :)

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Thanks for playing!

I’ve rated + reviewed your game.

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Edit: all done! Thanks everyone :)

We need 9 more ratings (although I’ve rated 25 games), I’ll rate and review yours if you rate mine! I can rate browser and windows games. This is my game:

Edit: Need -1 more ratings (I’ve rated >41 games)