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Alright let's start this game up...

  •  I know you are trying to show how dark it is... but using some darkened grass tiles couldn't hurt instead of just using black for the floor... Anything to add some detail and variation would be nice. Need to work on the mapping, the maps are small, and feel... limited?
  • WOAH that battle music is intense. Not a bad thing. I actually like the music you chose for it.
  • It's kind of annoying to have to fight everyone. There is never an escape option for me even if I have beaten the monsters down most of the way. So if there isn't ever an escape option maybe you should just get rid of that... so it isn't taunting people while they wait for it to appear. Unless it's a skill you learn later... then... make it where it isn't there till then.
  • In Ventri room where you update your skills. I didn't know what each room had in it so  I had to go into each one to see what each was. Which was annoying to have to do. Simple descriptions outside of each of the rooms would be nice so you don't have to do that.
  • I don't know if it's a glitch or how you wanted it.. but after I  update my stats with a marble my weapons I bought disappear.... I didn't realize either would do that.. so I lost a weapon... and was super frustrated that I had to go buy a new one after grinding down more enemies. Now I have enhance magic with no real magic to attack with. I can't even figure out how to use the upgrades I purchased. So those were a waste. 
  • You need something to break up the monotony of fighting monsters for upgrades and weapons. A little more story would help that, less exposition would also help speed things up, and maybe simplifying things with the weapons/skills/upgrades.  I can see how some people might enjoy this game but it isn't exactly my thing. 
  • I felt like it was a grinding game to earn cash to buy things. I spent almost a whole hour trying to figure things out and most of the game at that point was reading explanations on how things worked. Restarted a few times from a save point when my weapons disappeared for some reason.
  •  With a bit more work I think this would be a good game. The battle system seems worked out for the most part just need to work more on the story/exposition/maps mostly. I wasn't able to finish playing the whole thing mostly because I was getting frustrated and confused.

If you do make a sequel I would play it. :D

Alright lets get into this review for SS2018 and I am sure some of this if not all of it has already been said.

Here we go..

  • Sprites, Tile set, and dialog boxes tied in well together. I am happy to see that it feels like  it's not a mishmash of different art styles from different games. Being an artist it's one of the things that drive me nuts is when everything looks out of place and there is no art direction.
  • Music is very whimsical and pleasant to listen to. Kind of relaxing. Suits the kind of art style and game you are trying to make as well.
  • I enjoyed the aspect of having different classes/jobs you could choose from. I love farming, crafting, and resource hunting games so it appealed to that side of me. I am a survivor at heart.
  • The sound effect for the Main Menu at the start. The sound you used for when you move to select options, to change how loud the sound is, and such.. It is the worst and most annoying sound one could use for that(at least to me). Thankfully it's only there and on the other menu which I didn't use that much.(Though is it a good thing that the inventory, status, and etc isn't used much?)
  • Enters and Exits. As some have stated before I have gotten stuck in the cave because a little gnome was hanging outside ogling the cave.  Easily fixed if you just set him over one tile in any direction. I had to restart my game because of this.
  • The dialog. While I know some might not agree with me I felt the dialog was very.... forced. I can tell it's trying to be whimsical and get you to like the characters but it's as if something is missing. It's hit or miss with it. (Course it might just be me) Specially with the best friend. The dialog doesn't seem to flow naturally as the characters interact with each other.  I do like the Orc and Mummy's dialog though.
  • While you say you could build a relationship with that friend into something more it kind of feels like that relationship is already there and it feels really awkward. But it is possible that you didn't have time to work on it or something. A little build up and tension towards this kind of flirting would be nice. Feel like you earned it!
  • The tavern is almost always empty and I am sad that it is. Lots of great character interactions can happen there. How are they making money at all if the tavern is always empty? 
  • I wish you could have made Matsuki say something with a little more impact to Genko when he was insulting her father. I am not sure if what was said is really growing a backbone and standing up for the person you love. Maybe something more along the lines of. "Stop insulting my father in such a manner! You shouldn't judge someone just because they believe differently than you do.  Now, if that's all you have for me I will be taking my leave!" Maybe not exactly like that but I hope you get what I am saying. I mean he was being rather harsh.
  • I really wish this was able to be a larger screen than just the square box. Maybe wider... Mainly because I feel a bit claustrophobic with all that dialog and such packed in there. There are times when the dialog box blocks the list of selections and makes it hard to read. Widening the screen might help with that.

Over all I did enjoy the game. Many things could be easily fixed that I mentioned and I am looking forwards to seeing where this goes. Keep up the awesome work!

Amazing game! Everyone should try this one out. It's very nostalgic, the game is well designed, and it has some extra features you can find in the game. The music is amazing and it's clear that there was a lot of effort put into it. Worth the download and the time to play it.  Voting 5 stars was an easy choice for me.

I am really glad you had fun playing it. I am going to polish this up a bit more in the future for sure. I learned a lot making it being it was my first time making a game in RPG Maker MV. Thankfully I have a couple of amazing friends that were able to give me some advice with it.  Thank you for playing my game! 

Yeah, I agree with you on the deceleration. I will have to go in and see if I can fix that along with the controls. I did my best to make them as comfortable as possible on a keyboard. I am really happy that you liked the concept. Thanks for checking out my game!

Thank you Hawk! I am really glad you enjoyed it and liked the graphics. I will see if I can adjust the floaty controls in the near future. 

Hey how big is this tile set? is it 16x16?