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Alright let's start this game up...

  •  I know you are trying to show how dark it is... but using some darkened grass tiles couldn't hurt instead of just using black for the floor... Anything to add some detail and variation would be nice. Need to work on the mapping, the maps are small, and feel... limited?
  • WOAH that battle music is intense. Not a bad thing. I actually like the music you chose for it.
  • It's kind of annoying to have to fight everyone. There is never an escape option for me even if I have beaten the monsters down most of the way. So if there isn't ever an escape option maybe you should just get rid of that... so it isn't taunting people while they wait for it to appear. Unless it's a skill you learn later... then... make it where it isn't there till then.
  • In Ventri room where you update your skills. I didn't know what each room had in it so  I had to go into each one to see what each was. Which was annoying to have to do. Simple descriptions outside of each of the rooms would be nice so you don't have to do that.
  • I don't know if it's a glitch or how you wanted it.. but after I  update my stats with a marble my weapons I bought disappear.... I didn't realize either would do that.. so I lost a weapon... and was super frustrated that I had to go buy a new one after grinding down more enemies. Now I have enhance magic with no real magic to attack with. I can't even figure out how to use the upgrades I purchased. So those were a waste. 
  • You need something to break up the monotony of fighting monsters for upgrades and weapons. A little more story would help that, less exposition would also help speed things up, and maybe simplifying things with the weapons/skills/upgrades.  I can see how some people might enjoy this game but it isn't exactly my thing. 
  • I felt like it was a grinding game to earn cash to buy things. I spent almost a whole hour trying to figure things out and most of the game at that point was reading explanations on how things worked. Restarted a few times from a save point when my weapons disappeared for some reason.
  •  With a bit more work I think this would be a good game. The battle system seems worked out for the most part just need to work more on the story/exposition/maps mostly. I wasn't able to finish playing the whole thing mostly because I was getting frustrated and confused.