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Thanks for the reply, yeah those are the options I wanted to avoid for now, but I guess there's nothing else I can do since it's not a common problem.

Anyway, what's even weirder is that it happens after the second change, so the first one executes correctly with no problem,
but when you change the same thing with a different value, it just silently crashes, really weird.

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In the latest GM beta (runtime v2022.1100.0.219) after making some changes in the live code, the runner crashes without any error. Is there any workaround here? (I can't downgrade because I'm already using some of the new beta features).

Thank you for your help.

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would it be possible to add an option to change the order of the sprite indexes in the sprite editor?

It would be nice to be able to simply drag to another position, like this:

Thanks and keep up the great work!

That's great, so would it be possible to open full GM project in it, even without the run feature?

GMEdit community · Created a new topic Android Build

Hello there,

would it be possible to make an android version? 

Thank you!

GMEdit community · Created a new topic Finding errors

Is there possibility to check the whole project for all the errors and warnings? If so, how? 

Thank you so much and keep up the great work, GMEdit is really awesome!