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Hi, is the 32x32 tileset pixel perfect, or is it x2 scale tileset from the 16x16 tileset? Is there a sample we can see for 32x32 or 48x48?

Thank you :)

Aww, thanks for the compliment!
Right now I'm preparing for my first commercial yaoi game, but they're all still in pre-production, so I can't really say anything now :(

The twitter page for my indie game studio is still empty...
If you want, I can message you when we have something up for show! :D

Thanks for playing!

Just.... bumping this a little because it's been a month ish since my first email?

Just to remind the dev... in case they forgot this request...

No change yet :(

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Still no replies from the admin? :(

Very sweet, tho the end was sad :(

This was fun! The antagonist gave up too easily, but it's still quite good!

Ooooh no. Didn't expect that :(

Thanks though. When do you think it'll be answered? A week?

Hello, I sent an email some days ago asking to have custom CSS enabled for my account.

Haven't received a reply :(

Please help?

:D You can play on your browser! :D

Thanks for playing! :D

You can download the game on windows now! :D

Ah... I'm sorry about that, I'll see if I can make a desktop downloadable version!

Ahh maybe the loading wasn't complete? Could you reload :D

Aww thanks :D :D Glad you enjoyed it!

I like it! The art is really good!
Good luck with your kickstarter <3

<3 aww thank you!

Oh sorry that game is still in development, probably still weeks away from having a demo.

I posted it up for public because I want to post a public devlog, if I put it for restricted access nobody else can see it :(

We were inspired by another novel by the same author, Scum Villain :D

Aww thanks :D Hopefully I can make game faster!

It's supposed to hint towards the loop being intentional.

Thanks for playing the game :D

I'm glad you like the game! Thank you for playing :D

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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D

Aww! Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you like the game!

Thanks to other team members we could quickly cook up the game :D

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Heaven’s will is unpredictable—when his Shidi was charged with the murder of his fellow sect members, Zhou Linqi is faced with the biggest trial of his life. 

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? 

An obscure note and a mysterious voice that Zhou Linqi heard before losing his memories... Is it possible that they are connected to the case?


Hi~ We're participating in #nanoreno2020! The game was made in 10 days!

Play the game here:

Please leave feedbacks! We're looking to improve :D