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I did however notice some "glitches" in it like broken textures? 

I just bought your Flip Book and Poke Abby HD :)

That would be so cool xD I'm hoping to purchase your Flip Book and Poke Abby HD soon :)

I'm glad you made it :D I want to ask something. Since you are the creator do you know of any "possible" way to add like Ruby Gloom to this ? Like is it possible to "mod" in a character? or anything xD

I want to see a Poke Ruby Gloom LOL

I tried the demo and omg its so freaking hot :|

I'm thinking about getting this and Poke Abby HD 

I loved the original Poke Abby back 2 years ago.

What is the use for Stone?

While in the Sandbox I'm mining and I got Stone but can't think of anything it would be used for

As it states in the message We are not releasing any new updates on as we are working towards a Steam Early Access release.

ah I see thanks for the reply

The last update was on March 27 2017? Is that correct? o.O

its cool still a fun game :)

I just saved my game and exited.. when I went back all my weapons I had made where dismantled and the hammer/sword where "heated" but they where "cooled" when I placed them

I'm guessing everyone has this problem?

so it doesn't save the state at which the weapon was in when saved...