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I overall like this game and there's clearly a lot of love that's been put into it, but the way the game forces you into a love triangle with Armando and Gabriel kind of ruined their romances for me. No matter how clear I was with my choices, the game forced 'misunderstandings' and poor communication whenever possible, and I felt very railroaded. Again I do enjoy pretty much all other aspects of the game, especially how the entire cast is made up of POC and the character choices unlocking wardrobe, but feeling turned off by 2/3rds of the romances in an otome game is a bit of an issue... Looking forward to more of your games, just not sure that this one is for me, sorry.

I was so excited to see this game again, but it won't download...

How do I actually get the candy though? I went to him for it every day and all that happened was the first event for it and after a few more days he stopped giving me any candies to try.

Some of the content warnings include sexual themes and violence, but I need to know if the game includes any sexual violence specifically. I would ask more directly about what in the game caused me to ask this question, but unfortunately that would get into spoilers and I don’t know how to censor those here.

I've played the begining of the game three times now, and have tried buying/questing the listed make up and making the dress, buying AS MUCH MAKE UP AS POSSIBLE and making the dress AND bugging Cam for the candy every day, buying all the required make up plus some and only the materials for the dress and scouring every store for hair dye... And I still get told I don't have the right stuff and charged %10000?! The only thing I can think I'm missing is the BRIEFLY mentioned latex, but I have no idea where I'm supposed to get it? Please, I'me about to try again for the 4th time and I'm desperate!

Ah, I see! Thank you very much for clearing that up. Now I know I can safely buy and pay the game! (Once my paycheck for the month comes in haha)

First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for having trigger warnings at the very front of your game. It's such a simple thing to do, but so many game devs as well as other types of creators chose not to give any at all. 

I also wanted to ask a few questions about the rape trigger specifically. How explicit is the attempt? Do we see it happen, or is it something that's talked about as having happened in the past (whether that past be as close as yesterday or as far as 20 years)? Does it happen to someone we know? To someone we love? To us? And do we know the perpatraitor as well? Is it something that only happens in a specific story branch, or will it always happen no matter what choices we make? I assume since the warning is in the demo itself it's fully possible it occurs right away as part of the common route. 

Anyway, I appreciate any info you can give me!

Played the game last night and so far I loved it! Hallowelle certainly piques my interest, it's good to see that more and more MCs with different personalities are being created for visual novels these days. I still remember the cookie cutter heroines that used to feature in female lead VNs before independent developers really had a chance to get into the spotlight with things like Lemmasoft and Steam (and of course  But enough of me talking like an old lady, lets sink our teeth into the meat of things (just like our heroine)!

Not too much can be said about the plot so far, since we're only at the very start. It does have plenty of potential though, there's a decent set up for internal drama causing everything that the MC has built to collapse in on itself. Through the player's decisions, we could see Hallowelle struggling to relate to the other characters, brushing up against success or throwing it all away to retreat further into the 'safety' of isolation.  Personally I think it'd be most interesting to see her struggling with the question herself, although I think any player who goes that route will inevitably end up with everything slipping through their fingers. 

Speaking of, I like how you set up that Hallowelle actually does have a lot to lose, though not quite in the way that Inan puts it. It feels like Hallowelle is a little too assured of herself and her way of life at times, setting herself up for a possible fall. Even if she sees Drisdon and Robbie as disposable, and her lair as abandon-able, sloppiness or simple bad luck could easily mean something precious getting left behind... 

Moving on to the rest of the characters, Napoleon is definitely my favorite so far! Such a sweet and bouncy ray of moonlight, and the perfect pinch of mischief too. I want to know what makes her so special to Hallowelle, was it that she knew her before turning her? 

And Inan, the loyal friend, so seemingly rational and levelheaded. What is his story? Why does he need so badly to pursue his craft? And what is that ever so particular madness that flashes behind his eyes? Was it there before he 'lived again'? I think the answer is yes.

Robbie has so much anger and self-loathing, Drisdon is so lovesick and dramatic... Honestly you've made me want to know more about all the characters, which is excellent! Dharma is the real wrinkle though, the light that leads back to the living world as well as the downfall for the dead. What could such a child have had to endure to see a savior in the Witch Queen who tells her so openly she'll be eaten or experimented on or worse!? My mind goes straight to the darkest most abhorrent pits of child abuse, but I hope her history isn't so. 

The setting is definitely to my taste, with dark tales of magic and shattered hearts and dusty mansions stringed with gore as if it were red lace~ All in all I can't wait to play the full game and see the journey that you'll take us through! 

The comment on Kickstarter seems to be talking about the MD:SoA remake, since they posted in response to questions about the release of the Delux Edition. It’s entirely unclear if they’re releasing Echos at the same time.

Thank you!

Ok, thank you very much!

I noticed on the warning page that Abuse was listed as one of the potential triggers, and I was hoping if the mods could specify what type of abuse is involved. Is it domestic abuse? Bullying? Is any of the abuse sexual in nature, having to do with things such as sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, and/or sexual harassment? I would greatly appreciate any response you can give me.

Thank you! I can't wait to play it : D

So... how am I meant to play the mac version of this? Unzipped the file and tried to find the game in the many folders (and folders within folders) but it seems there's no game icon to click on, and the closest thing --  Paramedium2.7Mac cannot be opened without an application. So, yeah... any help on this would be great.

Mkay so I have not yet finished all the routes but I'm posting a comment anyways because I AM HAVING FEELINGS SO


Like a few people have said this game wasn't big on my radar, although I have been keeping an eye out for it. Now that it's actually out I'm blown away. The characters are so enjoyable and heartfelt, the drama is nearly impeccable, and the story is engaging and beautifully illustrated. I've fallen in love with the romancable characters in a way that only the best VNs can provide. 

So far I've played through Rod, Karma, Rumple, and am almost done doing Fritz. The routes have been wonderful for the most part, but I do have some complaints. (HERE COME THE SPOILERS) Some of them are personal preference (character death makes me sad and I wish certain good ends were less bittersweet) and some of them are not. I was pretty disappointed with certain story choices like having more Varg than Fritz in Fritz's route and then making the three way romance turn out as yet another love triangle instead of what would have been a very satisfying polyship. I feel as if there's a bit of an issue with this game of causing us to fall in love with characters and their stories and then not letting us see them be happy or have much presence in other routes. I get that this is typical of otome, especially with the love interests, but I at least wish we could see a little nod to our emotional investments in them paying off.

Still, as I said this is an amazing game, and I'm hardly going to stop loving it because of this. I can't wait to play more, and see what games Dicesuki will create in the future!

Ah, I see! Thank you very much.

Ok I haven't fully explored it yet but I kind of need to ask... this game does have 'good' endings, right? Because so far doing all the right stuff ends with me getting the 'worst end' type endings and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it (other than getting myself a bad end earlier).

Studying for Finals vs Soul Set: Soul Set: 1 Finals: 0. I used my Saturday to tear through the game rather than bone up on Pascal's Wager but it worked out in the end! Not to spoil anything but that Secret End made all my dreams come true. <3

Mac Download not working?

I just finished the demo and I have to say I really love the characters! Buffalo Seer especially is a great MC, lots of fun to play as. Can't wait for the main game, I'm super looking forward to romancing Piper and Kea! (Nothing against January he's just not my type, haha.)

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Apologies, but I don't have your email so I'm putting this here. Hopefully at least doing so has the silver lining that if anyone else has this problem they'll get more information. Restarting the game helped, though so far my run-throughs of the game trigger the issue again and I have to restart if I want to use mouse controls. I've found that the tab and enter keys allow me to select options, and space and escape move the game forward and bring up the menu respectively. It's particularly odd that I can use the mouse to click through the main and in game menus, but not use them anywhere on the screen while in the midst of the game itself...

How do I select my choices? I've tried everything from clicking to WASD/arrows and the enter key, and nothing works

Download does not work?