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I overall like this game and there's clearly a lot of love that's been put into it, but the way the game forces you into a love triangle with Armando and Gabriel kind of ruined their romances for me. No matter how clear I was with my choices, the game forced 'misunderstandings' and poor communication whenever possible, and I felt very railroaded. Again I do enjoy pretty much all other aspects of the game, especially how the entire cast is made up of POC and the character choices unlocking wardrobe, but feeling turned off by 2/3rds of the romances in an otome game is a bit of an issue... Looking forward to more of your games, just not sure that this one is for me, sorry.


No worries and thanks for playing! Even I felt that the love triangles wouldn't appeal to everyone so I made sure to put it in the description. Thank you for your honest thoughts and I hope my other games can provide a better experience!