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hey thanks!

Ammo and reloading come up a lot (as well as item weight) when discussing the rules and i have left it up to the gm in the past since usually if you’re in a situation where you need to reload you’re probably doing it under duress. As a quick call I’d say ammo doesn’t count as an item and reloading takes a single action (regardless of weapon) sure. 

Hey! I’ll be around Indy with some of these in hand but they won’t be at a particular booth since I didn’t have time to set that up prior to the nominations. Best bet is to follow on twitter @L__Dean and I’ll post where I’m at during the show!

hell yeah thanks for playing

thank you!

thank you! 

could be!

holy shit this rules

No worries 

1.) you’re only counting the highest rolls so if it’s a 1 difficulty and they rolled at least 1 success in the pool, the other dice wash out

2.) items and abilities with + add dice to the pool 

Thanks for playing 

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Itch is a little wonky in that department but yes, I’ve got your info and that will make its way to you asap. Thanks for your support!

Yes, we’ve made preparations for a limited reprint in the very near future.

Hey thanks for this! Looks like when I updated the files for the CRG release I accidentally uploaded an older file. I've gone ahead and uploaded  new versions (v1.6) of all the core game files that should be all fixed up. To clarify, Critical Successes award +1 Success and -1 Stress (+2 Successes in combat).

There's a small blurb about item weights in the Items section of the Employee Handbook (pg 04) but item weights and ranges aren't tied to any mechanics or hard rules. sort of loosy goosy I know but it keeps it light and doesn't bog down play. Feel free to add anything you'd like and please let me know if you do.  Always love when people tinker around in there.

Thanks again!

it is a soft and gentle deadline 

no worries! The jam ends on 11/1 but feel free to make something whenever!

Hello participants and others!

I am pleased to announce that The Company discord is open and you are invited to talk and chat and collaborate within it!

I will be honest, I'm very new to running a community discord and I may have supremely messed it up but I think it looks ok and I can change things on the fly if need be.  I'll ask that you have patience with me as I am also the admin and moderator. For the time being, this will be the only place I am posting the invite as the discord was requested to facilitate the jam. If the experiment proves successful, we will look into expanding the community more publicly but for now its a small space for you creators to come together and yell at me.

Thanks and good luck with your projects!

- Logan Dean, Founder, MegaCorp Games


this rules 

I think I can get the discord I’ve been tinkering with up and running for y’all this weekend. Stay tuned.

I’ve been tinkering with a discord for a bit but it’s a little out of my depth as a one person team atm. If it’s something others would find helpful to collaborate, I can work on opening it up to jam participants.

Happy to answer any questions about the design. I designed the graphics and charts. Pretty much everything besides the illustrations which is all Alex Mitchell. 

If you’re interested in adventures, I’d encourage you to check out the follow up book, Conflict Resolution Guidelines, which has six adventures of various lengths. I’ve made more community copies available or I can send you a key direct.

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Very excited to finally introduce the Blood Computer Variable to the game as an optional, excessive obstacle to add to any ARC operation.

Hey! Glad you and your players are enjoying the game! Happy to clear these up:

1.) Digital Schematics were envisioned as detailed maps of Company facilities that the engineer would have access to. They could also be for proprietary devices. They don't inherently convey a bonus but its up to you if you wanted to let a player add knowledge gleaned from them to any rolls.

2.) This is a straight up typo. The job description on the sheet is correct whereas the one in the employee breakdown is a copy of the engineer's. I'll update that in the digital files soon and get it straight for the next printing. Thanks for the catch!

3.) Gear and item loadouts are up to the Game Manager but usually the initial loadout is sufficient, especially for Eurydice (the players don't go down knowing there is violent danger). That said, if a team was being deployed to a mission with a high likelihood of combat, they may take weapons or other non-standard gear. I've have yet to find a gear loadout that unbalances the game since gear usually just adds dice to rolls and they can still fail. After the first session, I usually let players decide what to bring based on the briefing and item weight (You can only have 1 heavy item, a couple of mediums and a few lights). This question has come up a few times and I'm working it into the follow-up book but the main game files will have that info added as well (There is a bit of this in the Mission Parameters Memo included with the digital files).

Thanks again for playing and the stellar feedback. I hope your group enjoys the rest of Eurydice! 

Just wanted to loop back and let you know I pushed the fix. Thanks again!

Thanks for the catch. I’ll update those and push a fix. 

It should be +1 Success, -1 Stress. Which version are you reading? If it’s a digital file I can fix it up! 

Thank you for this! I’m glad you found so much in these little books.

The ‘loyalty’ error was holdover from a previous iteration and has been swapped to ‘Drive’ in the latest update. 

I’ll take a look at that formatting you mentioned and post a fix. Thanks for the catch!

Checking in to let you know I’ve listed more physical copies for purchase. 

Yes! I am going to be making more books soon. I took a little break after finishing all the kickstarter books but I anticipate I'll have more soon. I'll update this thread when they are available.

this is incredibly helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to write it. I’m hoping to implement some changes from feedback soon so keep an eye out and thanks for playing. 

it is designed for 2-5 players and a GM although I have run as a one-on-one with just a GM and one player which was an enjoyable experience. The rules are meant to be easy to pick up fast for both players and GMs. 

it does not unfortunately. If a deck is needed feel free to use this website:

ok this is amazing

Hey these are great and I should definitely clear some of this up it’s been a busy couple of days. 

Ops might need some balancing. I’ll look closer when I can.

Response can deploy and then attack with units that have been maneuvered by ops into contested zones. It’s a bit of a one-two so coordination is key. 

repel means the same as defeat so the sector is not occupied and the enemies fizzle. 

Shielded does count as controlled for the purposes of winning. I’ll make a note on the power. You only need one unit to control a zone however, they are more vulnerable to attacks.

I’m sure there’s some more stuff I’m missing. Again, these are great notes and I appreciate you digging in here. You’ve got a great eye for mechanics. 

thanks for this. I’ll take a look and tinker around. Cheers.