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So, I have a bit of a strange request/comment, but here it goes...firstly, thank you so much for making your game DRM-/steam-free. I don't buy on steam so all the stuff that only gets released there I don't get to play.

Secondly, I'm firmly anti-payment "service"; I'd prefer only the recipient of my transactions gets my money, no 3rd party in-between. I very much lament the popularity and quasi-monopoly of paypal and credit card companiess. While I appreciate the bitcoin payment idea/possibility, for most people, this ends up having us pay some companies to get already mined bitcoins all the same, so somebody else always gets a cut. Is there anyway for me to pay you for your games without some 3rd party getting in-between other than actually buying mining hardware and waiting out some years?

I was excited until I read "rogue-like". Jeez. How is that not a "modern" system? It would be nice to have games like this one with actual level design and actual levels.


As a european user and fan of GoG, I'd like it very much if itch.io offered payment methods other than the 3 listed now in the future. I actually dislike paypal for their grip on all sales digital at the moment and I'd think it'd be better for all of us not to only support credit card companies and the monolith that is paypal.