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Sigh...middle school not started yet?

Because if it isn't, please take this offline. This seems free, the steam version costs money. Itchio shouldn't degrade into a demo-only platform. Put your full game on here or go away.

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Looks interesting. But what I wanted to say: Please don't abuse itch as a demo-only platform. Once it's complete, upload the whole game to itch or don't bother. They've already partially ruined gamejolt, itch should be a legitimate alternative to big S.

Edit: Which, I see, you've already done with your other game,  Tech Support: Error Unknown.


Hm, thanks for a civil answer, I guess. But please also understand my apprehension towards steam and the abuse alternatives to it get; even here, almost every download section contains steam key downloads and a big chunk of questions deal with steam availability; really, I'd prefer if referrer links were disallowed and only content itself could be hosted. Both humble bundle and GoG already act as resellers or transfer sites, respectively, and frankly it should be stopped. The billion-dollar heavy industry monopolist doesn't need any more free traffic or advertising.

Do you developers have to ruin steam alternatives - that some of us explicitly use to circumvent valve as a company - by turning them into trial/demo/steam key resell sites? Do you have to come here and advertise "Hey we're on steam" in the second sentence of your page? Really? At least give alternatives to the monopolistic monstrosity of a DRM distributor that takes a third of the global PC revenue a chance and stop spreading the steam plague everywhere you go!

I went here to look for DRM-free games and to not support the inventor and popularizer of online DRM. If you advertise steam first thing, why would I trust you to keep this version up-to-date, to not include DRM eventually, and why would I browse your game on a site other than steam, if I bought from there anyway?

So, I have a bit of a strange request/comment, but here it goes...firstly, thank you so much for making your game DRM-/steam-free. I don't buy on steam so all the stuff that only gets released there I don't get to play.

Secondly, I'm firmly anti-payment "service"; I'd prefer only the recipient of my transactions gets my money, no 3rd party in-between. I very much lament the popularity and quasi-monopoly of paypal and credit card companiess. While I appreciate the bitcoin payment idea/possibility, for most people, this ends up having us pay some companies to get already mined bitcoins all the same, so somebody else always gets a cut. Is there anyway for me to pay you for your games without some 3rd party getting in-between other than actually buying mining hardware and waiting out some years?


As a european user and fan of GoG, I'd like it very much if offered payment methods other than the 3 listed now in the future. I actually dislike paypal for their grip on all sales digital at the moment and I'd think it'd be better for all of us not to only support credit card companies and the monolith that is paypal.