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Hm, thanks for a civil answer, I guess. But please also understand my apprehension towards steam and the abuse alternatives to it get; even here, almost every download section contains steam key downloads and a big chunk of questions deal with steam availability; really, I'd prefer if referrer links were disallowed and only content itself could be hosted. Both humble bundle and GoG already act as resellers or transfer sites, respectively, and frankly it should be stopped. The billion-dollar heavy industry monopolist doesn't need any more free traffic or advertising.

gog doesn't really sell games that are steam only games like humble bundle. if you buy a game on gog you don't need steam to play it. they do have a program in which you might be able to get a free key for steam games that you own to get them on gog and bypass steam altogether. their isn't much going the other way (buying on gog then getting a steam key to play on steam).

if you pay attention to the icons on humble bundle you will see a steam icon for games that you either need steam to play or get both a steam key and a humble download.

i get your apprehension, not a huge fan of steam either, though it is a nice platform with some strong points in favor of it. ultimately using it give the customer more choices probably shouldn't be discouraged.