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yep using desktop app. downloaded new version of itch and it works just fine now. no need to launch from file explorer to get it to work.

it doesn't launch from the launch button at all now. i took a look at the files downloaded and it downloads the webversion now so all one has to do is go to the files and open the index.html (default main file for website for those that don't know). i didn't look at the files it downloded before so i can't really help out with why it worked before and not now. it wasn't a matter of not including the files (as in all files) as the images (jpegs) were visible when 'doing research' about the tape, though it looks like their was audio file issues (maybe not inlcuded or in a different location, their could even be a translation issue between software which uses incorrect file paths due to name compressions).

here are a couple of error messages. as you can see i am playing via itchio. i have selected 'instal' from itch (which sometimes just has you play via itch's browser, which uses your default browser, chrome in my case, though this changes based on how you set it up). i use windows 7 professional. the error messages don't always last, they will go away on their own (i can't keep them open to grab info off of them).

error messages at just about every turn.

same here, heard it was on itch so i figured i'd install through itch, but no beuno.

gog doesn't really sell games that are steam only games like humble bundle. if you buy a game on gog you don't need steam to play it. they do have a program in which you might be able to get a free key for steam games that you own to get them on gog and bypass steam altogether. their isn't much going the other way (buying on gog then getting a steam key to play on steam).

if you pay attention to the icons on humble bundle you will see a steam icon for games that you either need steam to play or get both a steam key and a humble download.

i get your apprehension, not a huge fan of steam either, though it is a nice platform with some strong points in favor of it. ultimately using it give the customer more choices probably shouldn't be discouraged.