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One thing I noticed but not necessarily a bug is that my movement speed multiplies when I walk diagonally. Especially if I sprint. This should be a simple fix for your programmer. :)

And yes i noticed the new 1.04 update fixed that which is brilliant. But I now wish I could split stacks and place one item at a time in an inventory slot. Although this is not as important as my other ideas. :)

Hi there.

What i meant was. after a point of playing, when i tried to switch to a tool e.g. spear. It would not allow me to click and attack with it. Instead my character just held the took by his side vertically. and every tool i had from then on didn't work. Spear, Fishing Rod, Hatchet etc. :)

I also think the player should be able to either destroy or replace objects such as the distiller and cooker :)

Hey guys.

Just before I begin. I wanna say that the game concept is brilliant. and for an early access/alpha staged game, it is very well polished. So congrats to you guys! :)

If I could give you some things I think are the most important for quality game play is:

  • the danger element to increase. 1 shark is too easy to avoid and defend against.
  • Tools to work after 45 mins ( ish ) of game play
  • More use for scrap metal || Reduce the amount it spawns for the time being.
  • The hammers scroll wheel took me a while to figure out it even existed, and is not easy to select a new object with at the moment.
  • Ability to manually stack items in your inventory.
  • Nets could slowly degrade over time.
These are ideas I thought of during my first time playing. I believe these ideas and fixes are some of the ones that need addressing to first before adding new features. I hope I helped.

Once again guys... Great game :) Keep it up :)