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A member registered Dec 10, 2016

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Created a new topic [DevLog] Delicious Dots

Hey everyone!

This is my first unassisted (non-tutorial-made), 3D game, and my first DevLog. I started working on my game a little before the Jam started, and it's been progressing relatively smoothly. I'm using this as tool to help me start and finish a game project, and then present it to the world! My goal is to expand my abilities until I'm working on big, beautiful projects!

Game Title: Delicious Dots! [WIP, likely to change as I come up with a better theme]
Engine: Unity
Genre: Top-down Collection and Avoidance 

Gameplay: Move your little dude around to collect the good things (currently sushi) and avoid the bag things (currently bombs). 

I've made this game two times before. Once in Flash (AS 2.0), once in C++ (for a class). This time I plan on tackling it from a 3D perspective. I've already learned tons of useful tricks that will hopefully follow me in my next game projects.

I may not spend a lot of time working on this DevLog, but I will try to keep it up to date as big things happen.

Thanks for opportunity, and all the support from the community!

This game looks like fun, but I've had very little success amassing population, so I end up in debt all the time. Is there a basic strategy I'm missing? I have plenty of spaced out houses, with a water tower within range of them all, with a factory within range, and a shop and a market, all in range, yet I get only about 9-12 pop when there's 24 vacant spots.