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Wow, you made this in two weeks?! This is very well done! It looks like it takes place within the Starbound universe. Very clean, and what feels like a complete game. 

I did notice that sometimes the time it takes to prepare a dish is longer than the customer will wait, not sure if that's intended or not. 

Otherwise, great game!

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Thank you very much! There are definitely issues with balancing the timers. It's worsened by the fact that it's not well communicated when things happen when you're taking other actions, so if you take a 20 minute action, you may see cutscenes from events that happened 15 minutes ago or events that just happened when you finished whatever you were doing, but there's nothing to differentiate them. We're going to push a build later this week (once we've recovered from the jam!) that tweaks the timers (among other things) to be more forgiving, but for certain parts (very few parts) it is intentional in order to force the player to make story decisions :)

Oh believe me I get it. My game has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. It almost seemed to fall apart upon submission! It's always a juggle between balancing mechanics and reworking systems, but especially for a Game Jam game, I think you guys did a great job!

Though I'm surprised there wasn't any jam-related menu items. ;3

Dang, missed opportunity.