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Hi Rilin, Thank you for reporting! I will remove the Android version for now until I try on newer devices (Since this is a pretty old game I only checked this on the old devices so not sure what is the reason for it. ) I would be super glad if you can report your Android device name too

Have a wonderful day!

This was really cute and really nice that both of you sang in it :) <3

Awesome idea but a little laggy gameplay on my machine.. Very nice choice of music and graphics are kind of a retro-like feeling but still has an original taste. Could not figure out what to achieve other than going to checkpoints..

I really loved the character customization, the artwork is so original! It lacks a little theme and story.. At least needs some improvement and there is nothing to achieve really. It definitely needs some sounds and music. But thank you so much for your entry and hope to see you make more games in the future! :)

Nice theme with beautiful pixelated graphics, but really lacking the whole story. I got stuck right after we selected a name and gender(?) or maybe that was it? I wish there was some music and sound too.. Overall, it looks well put together!

Have the potential, but there is not much to play. Would definitely love to see when it is completed.

Nice tamagotchi like experience for a LeapMotion, and the bat animations are so cute. :) Also, really great programming for Leap interactions

Hello guys! We made a little point and click narrative based game with a cyberpunk bachelor/bachelorette theme. It is about a robot, who is about to get destroyed but has a chance to save itself by answering suitors' questions, is trying to get enough points to get married in a TV show named "CyBer//zDvAc.".The experience that you will have depends on the words that you put in this game, so please do not forget that the choice of your words are all your responsibility :)

Here is the link:

Didn't think about it that way, but I guess you are right! Thanks for the gameplay video :)

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v0.12 -- MAC, Linux ve Android build eklendi.

v0.11 -- Bazı hatalar giderildi. Windows build eklendi.

v0.10 -- Karşımıza çıkabilen 8 farklı karakter ve her oyunda tekrar değiştirilebilen 13 farklı kelime ile oynama şansı.

Giderilememiş olan bazı bilinen hatalar:

- Windows build'unda tam ekran seçince ilk açılışta kendini pencere moduna yolluyor.

-MAC build'unda bazen takılıyor kapatıp açınca genelde normale dönüyor.

**UPDATE v0.01d**


Fixed movement of Less, now a lot faster.
Fixed all being stuck at any dialogues.
Fixed atoms not being saved when you dispersed.

Added one more safe spot (checkpoint).
Added a moving platform next to Grandpa, which suits the narrative better.
Added mobile controls for Android version.
Added a second input, "Z" key, for shapeshifting.(Apparently "SHIFT" key on WebGL has a bug)

**UPDATE v0.01c**

Fixed shapeshifting animation can cause a loop or stuck in the death animation.
Fixed dialogs to be auto-triggered which causes shapeshifting stuck sometimes.
Fixed particle problem on WebGL.

**UPDATE v0.01b**
Fixed slow walking.
Fixed UI, better fit to the LD35 website.
Fixed the little rectangle, replaced it with current shapeless characters.
Fixed slow shapeshifing and UI bar. Fills faster, no more waiting and boredom

Added music.
Added a little bit of story.
Added input SPACEBAR to skip introduction dialog.