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I'm glad you like it as much as you do, because it is VERY rough. I was very inexperienced when I started this

I love this fever dream of a game and I always get addicted for an embarrassing amount of time!

Kinda hurt my ears and I had to click way to often that it went from fun to annoying pretty fast. Good idea, good art, could use a little work in my personal opinion

I was actually thinking something similar but my time was running low and I wanted a longer level. I’m glad you like it and thanks for the feedback!

Wow, holy crap. This blew me away, for real. It is definitely very reminiscent of Celeste with a hint of Ice Climbers but this did truly exceed my expectations. Good job.

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After playing for stupidly long I thought to myself how I would review it by saying just that, I had played for stupidly long, and then continued for triple that time. My brain: off, numb, mush; my hands: autopilot at best. I don't know how you made this so addictive that if I pick it up again I don't know how long it will be until I put it down. What did you do to me?! I feel like I've been cursed, and the headache inducing chaos of the graphics furthers that theory. It feels like I just played Sonic.exe or Ben Drowned and now I'm going to die in three dies of mysterious causes.

Good game. Would not recommend to old people.

It's fun for a bit but it feels like the only actually useful or effective guns are the first, and rocket launcher. The sounds are also quite jarring when most of the game is complete silence. I think some music and more sounds would help with this.

I enjoyed this, but wish it was longer. Also, you can easily softlock yourself in a level  by creating too many platforms. Without an in level exit button or menu this was quite the predicament. When I was in this situation I attempted spamming to get through, and his showed me a glitch. You can spam platforms under you and push yourself through walls.

I feel like with some updated graphics, some more challenge and levels, that this would be a real fun, relaxing, time waster puzzle game that I would enjoy playing. The only bug I found was that placing an overhead wire on a lake, then deleting it, also deletes that part of the lake making underground cables usable there. And I did enjoy playing this, but it also feels like it could be so much more that I would enjoy.

I love the player character art so much, it's really unique and interesting and I fell in love with it. I enjoy the gameplay, this serene bullet hell, but it definitely feels unfinished. It would be nice to have some more feedback when I am hitting an enemy, perhaps an animation or them being knocked back, and having some UI or indication of what my health is at would be very useful. But other than those, which I can only assume are mostly because of the time limit and the lack of polish, I really enjoyed this and would love to see this game made fuller because I want to play more.

Thank you so much for all the kind words! I'm really glad you liked it. Also, I planned on the cutscene being more Megaman and less Analogue Horror but I guess that was a side effect of running low on time.. The level was also planned to be longer but, again, low on time and I had other things to worry about more. The thing is, though, that I plan on developing this into a much fuller game, more than just a casual runner (but that is included) so there will be more if you stick around for long enough! I'm not sure how long it will take, though...

Fun game, but I wish I had more control over the attacks.

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I became quickly addicted but it is slightly lacking in gameplay. Would love to see a more expanded version of this. Also they never went back to their seats, is that intentional?

Thanks :0

Thank you so much :))))))))

I love the splatter effect on the ground when enemies die, but it's a bit difficult and frustrating to get through so I didn't see much of it.

I just finished my first game jam and I did it in half the time because I joined late. I won't say my game is great or even good but I am proud of what I accomplished and am looking forward to working on future projects including updating my game jam game Timesplosion.

The controls feel a bit odd and hard to use effectively. The build up before saying Ready feels too long. I couldn't figure out how to start 2 player with a friend. But the graphics are nice and some of the polish is good.

I'm glad you like it

I love the idea that Gabriel doesn’t attack you or anything, but just sues you with the legal system

I appreciate that!!

thank you for the comment and nice words! I only have the free version of Construct 3 (the engine I used) until Friday so I was limited to what I could accomplish. I hope to update and polish this as soon as I can and I’ll take these things into account