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Meagan Trott

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Hi! I was wondering how strict the definition of "visual novel" is for this jam? I've had an idea for awhile that incorporates point-and-click object puzzle mechanics. Would I be able to submit something like that?

Spectacular work, as always! :)

Thanks so much! <3

Hey all - I'd love to volunteer my skills as a sprite and/or background artist for this jam. If you're cooking up an idea for it, hmu!

Things I like doing: horror, dark fantasy, historical costumes, sapphic romance

Examples of my work (CW for nudity, blood in some images):

This is looking rad!  I'm looking forward to seeing more :)


Yes!  As a matter of fact, I ran a Kickstarter back in June to fund some printed decks, and I still have one deck left over.  

If you're interested in buying it, you can email me at  It costs $30 USD (+$2 shipping US, $5 outside US)

Thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback!  I'm glad you enjoyed OWO!

Hi!  My name's Meagan.  I'm a freelance game artist and illustrator, and I have some availability in my schedule for new projects.  I have a lot of experience working on visual novels and other kinds of 2D narrative games, as well as TTRPGs and card games.  I'll post a few examples of my work below.  You can also view my work as a solo dev here on 

To get in touch, email me at meagantrott[at]gmail[dot]com

Full portfolio:


I actually did run a Kickstarter to fund a print run of the deck this past summer, and I still have a small handful of extra stock left over!  You can purchase one by Paypal-ing $32 USD ($35 is outside the US) to  Include a mailing address and "OWO" in the comment.
Thanks for checking out my game!  <3

Haha, full disclosure, a lot of the Love readings were influenced by my experiences in couples' counseling with my partner.  XD  Thanks for checking out OWO!

Thank you! <3

Thanks!  It's cool to know that some folks are doing a daily card draw thing with OWO (sorry you're getting such intense results! O_O)

Thank so much!  Great video!

Thanks!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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Hi FemHype community! Just popping in to share some info on our project that we're calling Rosewater for now...


Rosewater is a surreal romantic exploration of power exchange between femme lovers in a steampunk world fraught with rigid taboos around magic. When Hansel falls dangerously ill, savvy Gretel is forced to look to dangerous places for help. This interactive fiction is a delicious perversion of the classic fairy tale that seduced us all as children, where candy houses are just what they seem and generous offers almost certainly are not.


The Witch


Jess - writing, programming
Meagan - art, programming
Rosstin - programming


If you're still looking for people...

I'm an artist/coder, and I like the idea of making a very pretty femme game. :) All of my coding experience is in the Ren'Py engine - so if you'd be interested in writing a short choose-your-own-adventure visual novel type of thing, that would totally be my jam. If you're curious what my art looks like, I have a website:

I don't have a solid idea of what to do, so you'd probably pretty much have free reign with the writing. I also have a couple friends who said they might be interested in helping out if I find a team.