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Technically, there are no furry options (although there is a "bad end" where you can turn into a proper cowgirl). The protagonist's transformation are usually into animals for solving puzzles (no bestiality or anything like that)..

You can get it on with a minotaur and various other mythical creatures (mermaids, demons, succubi, tentacle monsters and so on), so there is some "adjecent" stuff. The cowgirl content is more about mental transformation/hypnosis (mind control is the most common theme by far), so the protagonist generally doesn't physically transform permanently (unless it's an ending). Some exceptions are that you can grow/shrink your breasts/butt or you can become a werewolf (but again in this case the transformation and the sexy content don't overlap, as you transform completely into a wolf).

I wonder if it would be fine to have items which are already available in the game as rewards. In theory, there isn't a big problem with adding new weapons and armors (although it would take some time to consider the balance and to think about what would make sense as a gift from this or that character), clothes however are a different beast, since I only ever use them to unlock unique scenes (due to how the game was coded, it's extremely awkward to add a clothing system now), so those are probably off the table. If we were talking just about a memento/gift, that would also be pretty easy to do (obviously).

Yeah, there were plans for a werewolf quest, but it's getting cut at this point (might be something to add if I eventually revisit the game in the future). At least the alpha stuff is acknowledged in the ending, and you do get a bonus in battle from it.

The H-scenes list is missing a lot, and I am also getting ready for my next game. While you can expect me to make progress on that front, it won't be completed quickly either. It's the problem with one-man projects like this one.

Thanks! ^_^

Hi, glad you liked the game!

1) At this point, it would be too difficult to balance for new party members. I partly regret not using at least 3 party slots but it made sense for the story, but it is what it is.

2) I figured not all paths should have a gameplay effect. I think that thematically, it makes more sense this way. However, if you have specific suggestions for specific paths, I can consider them. It's kind of hard, since I am close to finishing the game, but you never know.

3) The H-scenes list was added a few years after development started, so it's lagging behind. Finding the time to improve it without getting in the way of the game isn't easy either, which is why I haven't updated it in a while. Ideally, it would have a "miscellaneous" section divided by area, with all scenes listed.

That's what I was going for, so I am glad the game felt that way. I think that making a game with a bad story is almost pointless (since at that point, you might as well just watch regular porn XD). It's better to have some investment in what's going on, and you can't have that if the story is a complete mess.

I wish there were more effects for factions/paths in general, but I didn't manage my time properly. I probably should have cut a few paths to have the opportunity to expand others more, but this was my first open-world(ish) game, and I didn't find a great balance between the various elements. Lessons learned for the future, I guess.

If you saw the cutscene with Cero Falk, the door should open. The entrance is in the same map as the Spider's Nest, do you have the right building?

I haven't updated the document in a while. Since it's not essential, it's the first thing to suffer whenever I am too busy, so it's been lagging behind.

1) Thanks for letting me know! This will be fixed from version 0.9.14, most likely.

2) No way to remove traits other than using the debug tool (if you use the "travel sphere" among the key items, and interact with the green sphere, you can toggle traits). Note that since the game isn't built with the idea of traits being removable, if you started a path that required a trait, future scenes in that path might still read as if you have the trait.

As for hiding text, do you mean hide the dialogue box? If so, pressing CTRL toggles the visibility.

No problem! Glad it wasn't a bug. ^_^

Are you running? You must walk to avoid alerting them (if you have autorun on, you must hold the button to walk). Also, there are certain sections of the floor you must avoid as they produce noise regardless (all the worms have some tiles near them that look different and must be avoided).

I thought the walkthrough mentioned this, though. The worms are blind, so you can even walk in front of them if necessary.

There is more content, actually, but a bug prevents it from showing up. What happens when you talk to him? No text at all?

It's possible, but not in the version you are playing, I am afraid (there was a bug). The next version fixes the bug, so you'll be good once that goes public.

You don't need to find the paintings in order, but you must find them all. The letters spell a word which indicates what to interact with next.

For the overwhelming majority of updates, you should be good to go using old saves. This becomes a bit less reliable if you skip several updates, but even then it's usually okay. I usually mention in the changelog if something breaks compatibility, but it's been a long time since I had a need to.

Assuming you got to chapter 5 and completed their previous quest (the one in the sewers), sleeping once and going to the world map should be enough to trigger it.


The game isn't perfect, that's for sure. There could have been ways to make the open world less painful, but it also makes it feel more "narrow". For example, you could get quests only from guilds or other specific NPCs, meaning that you'd only have to check those for new quests, and/or use more the balloon to indicate the availability of new content. I don't like that approach, though, since you are just moving from marker to marker at that point. The best approach would have probably been to not use a chapter system, so that everything is available when you enter an area (barring quest chains, but those would usually give you guidance on where to go for the next part), so you don't have to search the same places every chapter, and/or open up the world a bit more gradually as well as making travel a bit more involved, so that you work your way up to the full open world. There are trade-offs no matter what, though.

While I do have some amount of interactivity between the factions you are a part of and some quests, that can quickly spiral out of control if you have characters interacting consistently. I would have had to cut the number of characters, most likely.

Sonya just likes to be the queen of her little reign, that's why she doesn't go far with manipulating a noblewoman. She just sees Erica as another one of her girls (even if Erica is definitely one of her favourites). The QoH has gambling, sexy bunnies, strippers and a VIP area (which is usually very expensive and exclusive, although you gain entrance in different ways), these are all activities which make a ton of money, and she also has all sorts of special deals for rich customers. Also, don't forget she can effectively bamboozle everyone that comes in with her powers, to an extent, while the brothel is just a "regular" brothel, at the end of the day.

Kira's panties are the top 1 unique item in the game. XD

Anyway, that's more or less my thought process behind the game as far as these elements go.

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Yeah, chapter 5 and 6 are shorter (I might try to expand chapter 5 a bit with some short quests, but there aren't going to be many big changes).

I am glad you liked the story. The scenes are kind of their own thing, as you noticed. There are various reasons for that, but probably the biggest one is simply that this was my first open(-ish) world game, and I tried to give it variety and make as much of it accessible from the get go, so it ended up being a patchwork of various ideas.

The alterations do not show up in the CGs, only in the "default" busts that I use here and there (it wasn't part of the original budget, and afterward it would have been too expensive and awkward to try and "patch it in").

Getting all the statues doesn't lock you into a bad end (although it makes one available). You get a different branch gameplay-wise in the demon world, so if you are interested in a slightly different castle section or if you want to see Erica jill-off to her obedience to the demons, you can go for it. It's not a major ending, however (as you noted, it's more similar to a nonstandard game-over).

Smoke screens and Yellowpetals are unique to the new store, if I remember correctly. Did you want something different available? If it's not a huge overhaul, you can give me your suggestions, and maybe I'll take a second look at the stores, the items available and/or the interactions you have with each one.

Oh, you are right: that one dialogue just checks if you have Marintas's charm but it should check if you interacted with her while wearing it, instead. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks! Actually the last year or so has been awful (got sick almost every month one way or another), otherwise progress might have been faster still. Even this month has been a nightmare in that sense.

There is a crank on one of the walls, and using it allows you to move the ladder left and right.

Did you get a room at the inn? That's the only way to wait until everyone is asleep, if I remember correctly.

The main quest is complete, so if you want to, you can jump in whenever you like. Also, saves are retro compatible 99.9% of the time, so you generally won't miss anything by starting to play now (the only exception being if I add new content to old paths, which seems unlikely at this point).

On the plus side, the farm and the vampire don't instantly lock you in their respective paths, you need to go there for a while before the effects on Erica materialize (that's my way of giving a buffer to the players, as you noticed). Yeah, there is a limit to what makes sense and constantly asking players their input is also bad for the flow of the scenes, so it's a balancing act. You can however play the entire game without seeing a single sex scene, if I remember correctly, so I hope that's good enough in the end.

Thanks for the bug report! This actually never came up before, believe it or not. Since the schedule was introduced late into the game, it's likely that there are still issues out there. If you know of more scenes that do this, tell me about each one individually. Sadly, because of how the game's logic works, there isn't an easy way to find and replace all the bugged ones, so I'll have to do so manually whenever I hear about one.

I assume you are the same person as on F95, but just in case you aren't make sure you have the RTP installed, if you want to try this game on android.

You should be able to keep your saves for basically every release. In the rare occasion that I change something big and saves become incompatible, I mention it in the changelog (but it's really unlikely for that to happen this late into development). If I do change some old content, you might be unable to see what I added (since a lot of the scenes/events aren't repeatable), but that's about it.

No problem. Keep having fun! ^_^

You should lock the door after you exit, to slow him down. ;)

You mean, once you get inside the torture room? The easiest thing to do would be transforming into a mouse, if I remember correctly.

Futanaris are in the game, but it's a fairly minor part. There is quite a lot of "regular" lesbian content, although I didn't keep an exact count so I am not sure if there is more straight or lesbian content (I think most characters with multiple scenes are girls, though).

Glad it worked! :)

Sadly, I don't really know about how JoiPlay works. Do you have the "MyProject" folder inside the Caliross folder? Also, from what I read about JoiPlay, you should install the game on the internal storage, and not the SD to avoid issues, have you tried that?

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I'd say there is  lot of it overall, although there is also a good amount of straight scenes.

Glad this helped! ^_^

Let's see: I assume you have learned the pocket dimension spell from the book already. If that's the case, talking to her should bring up the option to ask "Do you want to live with me?". After that, you should go to your house in Tarkas. In your uncle's study there should be the pocket dimension book on the desk. From there, you can make a room for her (if you have the money). You should get a cutscene after that, and she moves in, if I remember correctly.

Glad to know it seems to be working fine now, at least. Since the animation basically just switches quickly between the various frames and then cycles back at the end, perhaps a faulty drive can't keep up with having to access a different file every frame, and that causes timing issues or something (perhaps because of how RPG Maker handles images). I am just speculating, however. This is an old engine, and it doesn't use the GPU much (if at all), making it harder to compare with modern games.

I can't imagine the drive slowing down being the issue, but then again I also never saw this bug nor did anyone report it before. If you have access to a different PC or a different drive, maybe you can try the game there, and let me know if the problem still appears.

Sorry for the late reply ( forgot to send me notifications for quite a while, it seems).

I can't reproduce this in my testing. In your case, it seems as if the game doesn't change the variable properly ("fotogramma 0" doesn't exist, because it should always start with "fotogramma 1" and go up from there) but there are no obvious reasons as to why this should happen.

Is it completely random? Do you remember any of the events that triggered the bug (in case I want to dig a bit deeper)?

Sorry for the late reply ( forgot to send me notifications for quite a while, it seems).

In the game's folder, you can find links to the walkthrough and H-scenes list, but both are incomplete at the moment (I didn't start writing them early on, and it's hard to catch up while updating the game now).

Sorry for the late reply ( forgot to send me notifications for quite a while, it seems).

There is a hint on the same floor, but basically you must do something counter-intuitive, and you must fight fire with fire.

Sorry for the late reply ( forgot to send me notifications for quite a while, it seems).

To get the cow-rustling quest, you must first progress through the cowgirl path (so, working at the Zanti farm) until they brainwash you and eventually give you the Zanti brand.

Sorry for the late reply ( forgot to send me notifications for quite a while, it seems).

It's possible to run the game using joiplay (a program specifically meant to "translate" the game to android). Since this version of the engine can't export directly for mobile, that's the only option. If you do try to use joiplay, you'll also need to read on how to install the RTP on the phone, since this game requires it.

Sorry for the late reply. seems to forget to send me notifcations once in a while, so now I am trying to catch up.

There are some "limited scenarios" where you get to pick clothes and get a scene directly after, but it's not something for the general gameplay (without planning for it before hand, it just doesn't work, as there are too many events which reset your appearance).

Exhibtionist is a trait you can gain in the game, and there are various related events already present, so hopefully you can have fun with those.