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Thanks for letting me know. :)

I'll make the warning dream trigger no matter what (so even sleeping at an inn or on the map will still let players know). I hadn't done so back then, because I had tried to keep all important scenes from triggering outside, but this one should start regardless of where you are. Hopefully there are no awkward scenarios I am forgetting, but I think it should be fine to have the dream trigger wherever.

The visits to the farm were also locked for similar reasons (I was afraid of, say, moving the players on the other side of the map, if they were staying in Rahib for the night), but it's perfectly fine for Golden Leaf, so I'll just add an exception for it. The fix should go live in version 0.991 of the game.

Yes. Actually, we very recently got a poll on what to work after this month's release. The vampire path as well as Jin and Lea are on top of the list now, so that's likely what we are getting for November (or December, if you aren't a patron).

Don't worry, barring unexpected circumstances, I am not one to disappear suddenly (I don't think I ever missed a weekly dev blog in years, for example). Dad is doing much better now, thankfully. :)

Thanks. Yeah, he is much better now, in fact it's a problem to get him to rest, he isn't one to sit around the house doing nothing. XD

So it must have been around 7 months ago (the version number goes up by 1 every month nowadays, and we are at version 0.990 now).

In theory, if you play from update to update, you can simply copy/paste the save files (you should also copy/paste the "Myproject" folder, as it contains the system options like sound volume, separately from the saves) and you are good to go. The more time passes between the versions you try, however, the higher the chance there might be something which isn't compatible. It's rare that an update breaks compatibility, however, and I usually mention it when it does. Generally, the worst that happens is that old scenes get updated, but you can't see them without restarting, while new content is generally 100% good to go from an old save.

If you check my patreon page, near the bottom there is a link to a post to join the discord. I kept the post for patrons only, since I am not sure I could mod a larger discord, if it ever came to that. You will remain part of the Discord even if you stop being a patron, though.

Thanks for the generosity, I hope you'll enjoy the future updates as well. ^_^

Ha-ha, I wish I had completed the game by now, but hey, I added more content so it's all good. XD

I did add some content for the hypnotist over time, but I wouldn't know exactly how much it was since you last played.

Glad you are enjoying yourself, and yes, do look forward to my future games as well. ^_^

You mean in the coming months? Yes, probably. There is a lot to do, but more and more stuff should get wrapped up soon-ish, especially things that aren't too far off from completion.

If it's for repeating scenes, you can safely (and quickly) skip text by holding down the "W" key (this works for unread text as well, so be careful or you might miss important stuff). Since the "W" key doesn't select choices, you can hold it down without fear of picking an option, at least.
I think the "delayed input" I added for the choices should be plenty, but we'll see when you get to try it yourself. :)

Good to know you are having fun with the game. :)

I can add a script so that there is a short period of time when the choices can't be picked, so it ignores any button pressed as the choice window is opening (I'll give it half a second, should be plenty, without slowing things down too much). Of course, you could still end up picking the wrong choice if you are mashing or if you are distracted, but I think it's better than the alternatives (no matter what's the default choice, some people could be annoyed, if they pressed it by accident, and it's not feasible to add options everywhere to have a second chance).

This script will be introduced in version 0.991.

I can certainly say you are a better programmer than me, if you can automate a significant portion of that process. A lot of the stuff I have there doesn't follow a precise scheme, and it's customized to fit my needs to test this or that, and the things which are more "generic" (like, testing the layered images, changing stats/gold, and so on) are easy enough to add to the travel sphere that I never even considered automating adding new interactions to the room.

Most of the quests which can fail are tied to chapter 1, because I'd like to have some different consequences play out depending on the outcome or if you ignored them. There are a few more quests you can fail, but generally you have tools at your disposal to avoid that situation (some can take you by surprise, but that's what saving is for ;p).

Yeah, I didn't want to spring a new chapter on players, especially since a very limited amount of quests can fail if you don't tackle them before the chapter ends. This way they can take their time and look around, if they want to.

The idea of repeatable quests might be something to look into. Since I have the jobs around the city, I feel like having yet another way to make money would take away from their role, though (which is already a bit marginal).

I figured it was something like that (and of course, it's not a big deal). :)

Nah, there is no way RPG Maker could generate something like that automatically, I added all the various options little by little (sometimes after a player's suggestion). A good chunk of the options in the travel sphere are meant to help me quick test parts of the game and the rest is to let players cheat a bit, if they want to. It's a bit messy, but at least it has the most important options.

Re-organizing the travel sphere wouldn't be a bad idea, it's just tough to find the time, since it's not essential.

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Glad this was solved. It was harder for me to realize, because since I make Caliross, automatically changes my setting to be able to see adult stuff (which makes sense). Generally, I link my page directly, so for people coming from my own links, it should be fine.

I am not sure if I want to make a SFW demo, but I certainly appreciate the suggestion. :)


It's MDQP, not MDGP. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

In your settings, do you have NSFW content allowed? Maybe that's what kept my game from showing when you search for it (at least, that's how it worked for one of my patrons when he checked it out).

Mmmh, the game does show up for me if I search the name, so I'll have to ask others to try it out. Does have age authentication? Could that be why they don't show you adult games? When I am logged out, I can't find Caliross, so maybe there is something there. As for typing "adult", you have to use tags search for that (if you search "adult", a clickable "adult" button should appear near the top left, and that should take you to the games tagged as such).

In theory, I started out on a few forums and on Patreon for Caliross (my older games were/are completely freeware, instead), but yeah, I didn't submit my own game to fap-nation (good that it was a way for you to find the game, however!). I wonder if I should add a link to the Patreon in the game itself, just to let more people know.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, and for letting me know about the search. I'll have to ask around, and see if others can't see the game if they search for it as well.

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Thanks! Always great to hear from people who like the game! ^_^
Do you mean I should have the keyword "Caliross" in the project's tags? I figured searching for the name would make it show up regardless.

Do other adult games show up in the search?

Yep, that's another one that would be qualified for the research, but I need to add the upper floors and handle the mini-quest to gain access to those (you'd need to find a book that isn't in the library yet as a "gift" to be allowed to go further upstairs).

You must research about the spider lady in the royal library to progress with that path. To gain access to the library, you must be a noble, and you can ask about it to the emperor when you visit the castle (so, once you go back after you first get nominated as a noble). To convince the emperor, you can either be part of his harem, have a good relationship with him, or have completed the quest related to the smuggled mana crystals.

The ritual that can only happen during the full moon is a different one, so you probably got confused.

I hope to add another "advanced" library soon, so people will be able to complete this quest without having to "suck it up" to the emperor.

I don't think I want him at the party, but perhaps I could do something more with the character. We'll see if an opportunity comes up.

Thanks! ^_^

I am sure there would be enough benefits, and if joining the guilds is cool, then learning more about magic and having professors you can consult on various matters should also be interesting for our heroine. There is a library in the map already, so it would make sense to use it too, but I wonder what could be the "specialty", so to speak.

I still want to add it, but I'll have to see how much time I have left after I finish work on what's already in the game and the important stuff that should be added no matter what. The academy is optional, but I like the idea so I am not sure myself.

Here it is:

The game uses the RTP (which is the basic set of RPG Maker assets), and you need to install it separately. Basically, it makes future downloads smaller, since part of the assets are already on your PC (and if any other game does the same, you also have smaller download and installation size for those).

Did you try re-installing the RTP?

I did think about it, but I am not sure how to handle it. When would the option become available? Should she leave afterward or stay, and if she stays, should I have alternative versions of the scenes you can get while she is a slave? It can get messy, so I don't want to touch things without a plan (and I want to avoid solutions which require a lot of effort, since I am not adding much, in practice).

Good thing you solved it on your own. :)

First time hearing a compatibility issue about the game so far, I'll have to ask around if others are having the some problem.

Mmh, the download seems to complete just fine for me, but you can try this MEGA link, instead:

Glad it was helpful. If you need some tips don't be afraid to ask around and of course don't be afraid to try things out on your own as well.

I wasn't sure if you wanted to make it a job or not, since you asked about how to attract an audience. Having no desire to turn this into a job should make things easier, as there isn't as much pressure, and as long as you don't make something super niche, you should be able to get people to play your game, if it's nice. Take your time to figure out what you like the most about working on the game as well, and plan accordingly (if you like both writing and coding/scripting, that's great, but you might want to focus more or less on writing or mechanics depending on your preferences).

If you need testers or help in general (like a writer or a coder), make sure to have the demo ready first, as it's the only way to show your vision and that you are committed to it. It's hard for people to jump in when they can't get a good idea about the game, although a vague pitch probably makes it easier to make money by selling everyone their dream game before it's even started (which is why a lot of crowdfunded projects crash and burn, or sometimes even scam people).

Anyway, enough of my blabbering. Good luck with your game! ^_^

This wasn't my first game, although it's the first one with RPG Maker and on

Caliross is my 4th game, the 3 previous ones were adventure games made with a text(+images)-adventure engine (called RAGS). My last game was an adventure/RPG hybrid, but I wanted to have real-time exploration for my next game, which is why I moved to RPG Maker (I also thought it would be better at attracting an audience compared to RAGS). Getting people to like your game isn't easy, and it's ALSO a matter of luck, not just talent (of course with no talent, it's going to be harder).

If you want my humble advice, here is a list of things to focus on, to make your own first game:

1) Make sure to start small: your first game should be as short as you can while still making it fun. This is for a number of reasons. If you are new, you'll need experience with how to think about making games, and you need to familiarize yourself with the engine and tools you are going to use through practice. You can't do that if you are busy researching, prototyping and testing new things all the time, plus you'll have a harder time making these things efficiently, which will further slow you down. The larger a game is, the more complicated it will get.

2) I'd recommend starting this as a hobby: Asking for money if your game doesn't offer enough can be counter-productive, and make it hard to gain a following. If you can't make money with it, you also can't devote too much time and budget into it, so you must learn to accept the limitations that come with that, rather than try force your way through.

3) Try to find as many forums/websites which could fit the bill for the type of game you want to make, and post at least semi-regularly about updates. This is useful for feedback, to find more players, "grow an audience" and it's also an easier time for you when you'll need to find testers which leads me to...

4) Even if you might be unable to right away, desperately try to find people who can test your games and give you feedback. The general public is nice if you can gain a following, but you still want someone to help with the brunt of the bugs and with the starting feedback. Try to get people with similar interests (if you use your demo to attract them, this should be a natural consequence, but if you notice too much friction it's also fine to politely point it out, and look for someone who isn't trying to transform your game into something else).

5) Be shameless about your inspirations (and do mention them if you think they shaped the game considerably). Getting stuck on trying to do something "unique" "new" or "original" is one of the most damaging things you can do, while basing your game on games you like gives you a template you can use to still make something different, if not entirely unique. There will always be the next game to get an innovative idea done, and you'll be more confident with the tools afterward, so it's less of a daring proposition.

6) Never aim for perfect. If something works as intended, you can mull over it while you work on something else. In a small game, there is less need for re-using code and the like, so jury-rigging some stuff is perfectly fine. Also, don't sweat deadlines too much, but try to work consistently on the project, instead. Be willing to switch to other aspects of the game, if you are stuck in the short term (and don't be afraid to cut things out if you hate how they turned out or they are taking way too much time to get done).

7) Make sure the first demo is well-polished (for the users, it's fine if the code is messy, if it works with no bugs). First impressions are important, and this is doubly true for niche games. There is a LOT of stuff out there, it's easy to get lost. You can have a bad release every now and then, but fixing bugs is important, and having as little as you can of them when a release is out is even better.

There is more, but this is what I'd think off the top of my head.


If you get the "masochist trait", you can talk to her, and unlock her scenes. The fastest way to unlock the trait is to go to the hypnotist at the circus. :)

You tried/checked everything I listed above already?

I think she has more or less all the scenes I'd want for her. I can't exclude something extra if I release a 1.1 version, but it doesn't seem very likely at this point, since there is already so much to complete.

Other than making sure the folder isn't set to "read only", I'd check where you installed the game (is it an important folder for the operating system, or something?) the antivirus (is it blocking/deleting the save files?) and perhaps try running the game as an administrator. The game works on basically any system I heard of, and RPG Maker is a fairly stable product, so it's likely some unexpected interaction on your side.

Another thing I would try if you have access to another PC is to check if the same problem appears on that one as well.

Mmmh, could it be the folder is set to "read only" for some reason? You should be able to save, load and copy/paste the savefiles from one version to the next without any issues (that's how most players do it).

I never hear people complain about this, so I didn't know it was an issue. What seems to be the problem, usually?

I should be getting the second dose next month, I don't think there are going to be any problems. :)

I hope you'll like the update! ^_^

Generally speaking, I don't like the idea of raising inhibitions again after they get lowered. It feels a bit weird to, say, work at a brothel and then later on being unable to because your inhibitions rose again (or worse, getting mixed reactions from the protagonist where working at the brothel is unlocked, but she is too shy to do something far less extreme elsewhere).

Still, I might add some rare exceptions to this rule, since some players seem to really want it. It's also worth mentioning that if you don't mind "cheating", you can set your inhibitions already in the travel sphere.

Oh, I see what's going on. The strippers' routines and the quest were created at different times. In theory, you should be able to eventually ask about it, but if you have bad luck you might get stuck paying the stripper for a while. Better to make sure the protagonist can't get "distracted" during the quest, thanks for letting me know.

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You should check the questlog, but if I remember correctly in chapter 3 you learned that your uncle might not have died, so you must talk to Alpharius about it and then you need to convince a professor who's an expert on such matters to investigate, before you can move on to the next chapter.

Let me know if this happens again, if there is a bug I can probably fix it, but I need to know what you did.

Anyway, glad it seems to work for you now. :)