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Hey Ian, not to fear! It should appear at the bottom of the downloads page. To access it, click on the "Download" button at the top of this page, then scroll down and you should see it under "Claim Steam key". I hope this helps - Please let me know if you're still searching. Enjoy!

Keys are up again!

New keys dropped - Enjoy :)

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Hey Matt, my apologies - This should be fixed in the next 24-48h. Edit: Keys available now!

On it! Sorry for the delay, these should be available again in the next 24-48h.

Heya, thanks for the heads up. I apologise for the hitch. New keys are on their way! Please check back in 24-48h.

The first post mysteriously boosted up to over 100 likes, haha. Hell yeah!

The fact that the first post does not have 100 likes yet is breaking my OCD, lol

Totally missed the deadline :( Please include my game if you can :)

I like the enemies - basically one for each direction you can be hurt from - a good complete set. I agree with swoopie's idea of arrow keys for most comfortable single hand experience, but appreciate you wanting to experiment with 2 keys.

I'm sure that there are other ways 2 keys can be implemented with less friction, though, like maybe replace [gnd-Jump / air-Attack / air-Slow-fall] and [Turn] keys with [gnd-Jump / air-Turn] and [Attack / air-Fast-fall] keys. Maybe make slow-fall the default gravity (to make attack immediate) and automatically turn when you hit a wall. Just an idea - hard to say without having tried it, though.

Good to see you're still at it~

Hey StrangeHero, wow! I really appreciate your message.

I aimed for a hard-but-fair, challenging-but-rewarding game, so I'm glad that you thought that. 30 deaths in the first 10 seconds is completely normal, given the nature of the challenge in that fight! That said, I'm looking at ways to smooth out the difficulty curve in the next game while keeping an optional high ceiling.

Speaking of Nontimetis, if you get stuck with the extra stuff, he should have you covered with his YouTube vids. Also, feel free to redeem your included Steam key if the extra achievements interest you.

Thanks for playing and sharing your experience :)

- Josh

Mouse controls enabled in v1.2.0. Thanks for the tip. :)

Hey Nontimetis, thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it. I'm glad you made it past that boss and went on to speedrun the game. I've enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube. Thanks for playing :)

Thanks, and congrats on your game as well :)

Hey Bryce, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't given keyboard+mouse serious thought yet, but it's an interesting idea... If a few more people want it, I'll probably lock it in. Stay tuned.

Hey Samuel, thanks for your interest. At this stage, porting to Mac just isn't feasible, unfortunately. I underestimated the process and don't have the tools or resources for it. I'm sorry to report that I'm focusing on Windows only for now

Is this Angerfist: the game? Haha, looks rad!

Hey, I've learned that the issue is actually my fault, and I can't guarantee a solution, so I've refunded your purchase and taken down the macOS build for now. I got a little too excited to release a macOS build and didn't do enough testing! I'm sorry about that. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of it, but I can't make any promises at this stage. Thanks for understanding.

Oh no... :( Have you tried running it through Rosetta?
(Control-click → Get Info → Open using Rosetta.)

GameMaker Studio :)

Mostly friends and people I know. I also got some good feedback at a local game dev meetup

I'm looking into it :)

Interesting question - It's difficult to say. I can't answer for your circumstance, but it took me just over 2 years, working on and off in my spare time, and a lot more seriously over the last year. If I did it again with what I know now, the answer would change.

But also, don't let size cloud your judgement - You can code physics and build out a playable world with some enemies in 1-3 months... Maybe even a week or a weekend with some game jam experience.

However, detailing it with funky graphics, making a soundtrack, sound effects, writing dialogue, making cutscenes for multiple endings, making satisfying boss fights, making a menu system with settings and file management incl. an extras menu with achievements, making alternate game modes, secrets, actioning lists of suggestions from playtesting feedback, learning how to do things you haven't done before (like writing a shader for brightness/contrast), unexpected time required to mentally adjust between different types of tasks, getting your game to a place that you genuinely think is worth the money you're asking for, etc... Well, that all takes time. It really depends what you want to put into your game of this size. If you haven't made a game before, let's not forget failing projects until your scope aligns with your capabilities, as well! But, the more experience you have, the more the time will shrink. I constantly underestimated how long things would take with Rogue Sentry, though.

I hope this provides a little bit of insight. :)

Hey, thanks for the kind message! I'm glad that humans are useful after all - in a similar scenario, we'll need all the help we can get!

Wow, thanks for that! I definitely tried to materialise a variety of influences, and the odd bullet hell was amongst them. I'm glad that that's evident. Thanks for checking out my game. :)

Thanks, Kyle! I appreciate your message. Hint: Generators can be tackled in any order - If the first one you've found is too difficult, chances are that there is an easier generator elsewhere. :)

Thanks for the nice message! That means a lot to me. Humanity is now one step closer to avoiding an AI takeover scenario.