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Thanks so much for providing this for free to people under 18. I just turned 19 but I've been using this program for a really long time, it's fantastic! I'll be buying a license soon! :)

Not sure why, but when I click to render the video/combine my clips and then hit yes, nothing happens at all. Thought it may have been an FFMPEG issue but typing ffmpeg into command prompt seems to work fine so it's definitely in my path

Alright, so... I did end up getting it working eventually but unfortunately I'm not even sure why it does now. The things I tried:

  • Toggling Admin access on the Sandboxie Steam instance
  • Replacing Sandboxie Plus with Sandboxie Classic
  • Toggling x64 Bit Executable in GMS 2
  • Toggling Sandboxed File System in GMS 2
  • Toggling Alternative Steam Launcher in GMS 2

Hope any of these (or any combination of these) helps.

Hey, I'm having the same issue. Any chance you ever got it sorted?

Dill Clinton

Hell yeah

Fun game! Shame that audio didn't work though

Really cute little game! I really enjoyed the dialogue

Thank you! :)

Great entry! Everything looks and sounds great and there's a good variety of mechanics



Sure thing

Yup, I made the music for all my games!

If you'd like to work together in the future, my Discord handle is MD Wade#4801.



6% Exploitation. Do I win?

I could buy a buncha cupcakes on credit

Very good!

I'm actually a music producer myself... I could probably get some tracks to you tomorrow, if you're interested.

Pretty neat game. I only wish it had music or sound.

Perhaps a bit too fast for my taste, but the presentation is just great and the gameplay does something new. Great work!

No worries, sorry I can't try it!

I caught the similarities with the NSMB DS game, too. Good callback, I miss that game.

Was a tiny bit confusing at first, but I ended up getting the hang of it. Nice work, I like the music.

The thumbnail cracks me up.

It's a bit simple, but I found a lot of enjoyment with just moving the box to the left of the screen.

Right off the bat, points for originality. Reading "Software used: Word" is just incredible to me. I can tell by reading through this it's sort of meant for people more used to tabletop experiences (D&D?) and while I have no experience on that front I'd love to give it a try sometime.

Poking around in the provided .zip file, I can't find an executable anywhere. Maybe I'm just dumb.

This little goofy running orange guy made my night. I dunno what it is about him, but if I had to guess, it's probably the little pitter-patter of his running. I really liked this one, good job folks.

Very interesting -- at first, the mechanical remix of Sweet Dreams was very confusing but I actually really ended up liking it in the context of the game. The "hold one button and press another to jump" was a very clever and well-executed idea.

There's a surprisingly high amount of death from the automated shooting. Reminds me a lot of a more interactive Plants vs. Zombies. Nice work, love the Beepbox tracks too!

Hi, is this playable on Windows?

Is that BeepBox I hear? I like the music!

You may want to add a disclaimer that the game doesn't work if you try to play it in fullscreen... It didn't for me, anyhow.

Good use of the limitation!

Oh, my.