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Well done man! I’m glad that you got your game submitted. It turned out really well! I’m looking forward to seeing your next few projects

Thank you so much! Really appreciate that

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Thanks man! Really appreciate you playing.

Which part was frustrating? Was in the UI, was it the player controls, was it the buttons?

I can fix those buys and reupload a different version in my itch page.

This is absolutely wonderful! Very impressive. The controls were a bit difficult, but I guess that was part of the design.

Well done to you guys!

I really like this! Very solid concept. I liked how easy it was to know the controls and the challenge increased slowly through the levels.

Thanks man! I really appreciate that

This is really fun! I also really love the hand drawn look of the whole thing. It’s the best feature I think. The gameplay is intuitive, although at time I thought it was more of a press and hold then let go mouse interaction, but other than that, it’s great!

Great work guys! I like the mechanic, I like how the controls for the player are unpredictable. You really stuck to the theme very closely I think. Keep it up!

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Great work fellows! Love the art style, love the hand-drawn look. Your next game should definitely should be more hand-drawn style.

In terms of the gameplay, here are some thoughts.

  1. What’s my goal? Am I just aimlessly exploring my previous home since I passed away? Am I getting the attention of my family?
  2. What does the fear meter on the top have to do with anything? I understood the purpose, I just don’t understand how it fits in with the overall gameplay.
  3. I am an apparition, but I can’t go through walls, doors, or floors? Seems a bit strange. Perhaps you could have some effects with the same color as the character so every time you hit the edge you get some sort of visual feedback. And a sound effect to tell the player that they are limited to a certain space.

I think that it should be more linear, perhaps starting off in one room first, figuring out the puzzle there first before moving on to the next.

Overall ART : 10/10 SOUND DESIGN : 8 /10 GAME DESIGN : 4/10 CONTROLS : 7/10 STORY : 6/10

Very interesting experimental gameplay. I liked the shader, I like the sound design, the story was very short. I would like to see what else you could do with the boxes.

As with the interaction itself I wasn’t quite sure what I was experiencing and why I was experiencing it.

The best part about this was the sound design. You really could feel the overwhelming panic towards the end when the volume of the sine wave increased dramatically. Would love to see what else is in store! Nice work

Very interesting puzzle element, would love to see what you have in store for more levels.

Mate! This game is hilarious. Gave me a chuckle. Thought the guy was saying "Drop the bass", but then I realized he was saying "Not the face."