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thanks, I realise now that I should have made Q and E clearer

Really nice game with great visuals. I love the simplicity. The only thing I would like is to be able to change the volume of the music. 

I love the art and I think the simple idea and execution was very good.

I liked it

very nice idea

I love the concept, really cool

thanks, I realised that it wasn't clear but the idea was to open the door by clicking E. I know that it was my fault ;(

thanks so much. I realise now that it wasn't clear in the game but you had to click E to open the doors in level 1 and 3

I like the Idea of everything being symbols on a keyboard

really fun concept and nice feel

reaally nice game with very nice visuals

very cool

really cool

I didn't really understand how to use the drones

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Art is great, idea is great, sound is great. everything is great. The only thing that could be better is a quit button. but very cool. I will be suprised if you don't get top 10

This is my game

leave a link in the comments with your game

I will play it right away, here is mine

Play my game jam submission titled unfriended Please rate it.