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Hey, we do!

I'll post all of our social media links under the demo info too.

Mazu community · Created a new topic Mazu Update 5/16

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well!

 The itch build has been updated again with new some new art, animations, and fine tuning on player values.

New Art and Animations:

  • Switched base bullets from total blue to a white and red gradient for better visibility
  • Added Dash Button on bottom right of HUD
  • Integrated Up and Down Attack Animation

Player Values:

  • Lowered player deadzone, so that it's now easier to strafe around enemies while executing melee combos
  • Increased dash cooldown
  • Lowered dash length
  • Parry timer decreased
  • Added Screen and Zoom Shake to on-hit effects

We hope that these changes make for a better play experience. Feel free to give any feedback you have so far about the demo. We have much more to come!


Mazu community · Created a new topic Update 4/11: Bug Fixes
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Hey everyone!

We made some minor fixes to the the current build:

  • Demo starts right into gameplay of first zone
  • Player values have been tweaked so the player movement speed and dash have been lowered
  • Parry has been made easier to execute
  • Scene Fixes

This current build isn't available for download, but our next major update( which will have new art and animations along with vfx) will! 

The Big Update is planned for end of April/early May

All feedback is appreciated.

Have fun!

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A lone city stands surrounded by a labyrinth filled with unknown evils. This is the world of MAZU. Explore a fresh and vibrant world to fight mythic monsters in this hack 'n slash bullet hell inspired by Asian folklore. Play as Xun, an untested youth trying to find a place in the world - and save it too.

Mazu community · Created a new topic WELCOME TO MAZU
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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our first public demo. We plan to have updates and tweak builds continuously throughout the month based on our in-house testing, but more importantly based off, you, the player.